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How Much Do You Weigh?

Posted Feb 01 2010 6:44pm

How much do you weigh? No! Not the weight question! Anything but that! I don’t care who you areor what you look like this is one question that no female wants to be asked. The moment those words leave a person’s mouthour heart stopsour breathing quickensand our minds race for the answer. Why does this one simple question have such a hold on us? It seemingly can take us out of our comfort zone in less than 2 secondsno matter how happy we were before hand. If we say our weightwe are afraid that the amount is too high and we will be judged. If we don’t say our weightwe are afraid that the other person will think that we are ashamed of it. Either waywe just want to avoid answering. Butyou can breathe easily nowbecause I’m not asking how much you weigh physically. I’m asking how much do you weigh spiritually? How much does your heart weigh? Although the Bible doesn’t address health and fitness directlythere are plenty of ways to find verses that can relate to being fit inside and out. Did you know that the Bible talks about weight? Yupeven God cares about what number is on your scale.

1 Samuel 2:3 says: “Boast no more so very proudlydo not let arrogance come out of your mouth; For the Lord is a God of knowledgeand with him actions are weighed.”

Think of it like thiswhile the world projects skinny models and the never ending feeling to be a certain body weightGod weighs us in a different way. To Himour actionssuch as what we say or do are more important than our outward appearance. While God wants us to be presentablewe should never feel that we have to measure up to a certain status of the world. So cheer upif your actions glorify Godnext time someone asks how much you weighsay“God thinks I weigh the perfect amount.”

Eating and Fitness Tips:

Looking to shape up? In this day and timeit seems that people wish there were more than 24 hours in a day so they could devote time to increasing their overall health. The excuses can be endless.  An overweight college student doesn’t have time to exercise because of studying for tests and going to social functions. A young wife gains unwanted weight because now she is cooking for she and her husbandand he’s got an enormous appetite. Or a working mother of 3 can’t possible take the time to create healthier meals for her family because the main obligation is getting a meal on the table by 6. What’s a girl to do?  The answer: Start somewhere. Americans are guilty of going by the phrase“all or nothing.” If I can’t workout on a regular basisthen I might as well not do it. If I can’t eat healthy everydaythen why try. Wrong. What we don’t realize is that every little bit helps. Before coming to the conclusion that weight loss or just simply toning up is not an option for youconsider first trying these 3 simple tips for a week:

1. Make 2 out of 3 meals healthy.

We all know that it is hard to eat healthy 100% of the time. And that’s okay! So before making a drastic decision to swear off all carbs and sweetstry this easier approach. Choose to make 2 out of your 3 meals more healthy. For examplefor breakfastrather than just drinking a cup of coffeeonly to binge on lunch food later try eating a bowl of cheerios with sliced bananas. Or my new personal favorite: sugar free maple oatmeal (Walmart has their own cheap brand) with a tablespoon of peanut butter. It is amazing! I even included a picture of mine. For lunchtry making a wheat chicken wrap. All you need is wheat torillas1/3 cup of chicken that is cut in cubesand skillet the chicken on the stove. Add lettucetomatoor even sprinkle some cheese on top. Eat the chicken wrap with a piece of fruit or a low or non-fat yogurt. Your kids will love these chicken wraps! Get creative with your new healthy mealsand rememberhealthy food can taste good too. And when dinner rolls aroundand you’ve got a hungry crew to feedyou’ll know that your 2 previous meals were healthier for you.

2. Cut soda or sugary drinks out.

All of you coke and tea drinkers beware! While giving up soda and other sugary drinks seems to be difficultset the goal to try it for a week. Start by not having any cold sodas in your fridge.  When we see a can of soda perfectly chilledour first reaction is to drink it whether we’re thirsty or not. Instead resort to cold water. Cold water is said to increase your metabolismand thus burn more calories. By the end of the weeka cold coke in comparison to water will taste like your drinking pure sugar!


Everyday we use our feet to get us from point A to point Bbut we’d rather have a car take us there. While I’m not suggesting that you walk to your work that is 30 miles from your houseI am suggesting that you walk any distance that seems accessible. Case in pointif you go to visit your sick friend at the hospitalrather than finding the closet parking spacepark further away so you have more of a distance to walk. When you enter the hospitaltake the stairs instead of the elevator. This can also apply to college students walking to their classes. Park further away from your class building. For you workersanother option is to carve out at least 20-30 minutes to walk during your lunch break. Walk around the buildingwalk the stairs if available. If your a stay at home wife or mothertake out 30 minutes at least 3-4 times this week to walk your neighborhoodor walk to a friend’s house. No matter the reasonjust choose to walk!

Make the choice to start on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. While this is not doctor approvedor planned by a nutritionistI guarantee that following these simple tips for a week will be beneficial for your health. Soquit saying I’ll start tomorrowor in a monthstart the path to a healthy life today!

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