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How Mind-Body Training Changed My Life

Posted Mar 27 2014 12:53pm

by Endorsed Mind-Body Coach   CrisMarie Campbell

Even before I became an Endorsed Mind-Body Coach, I subscribed to the belief that what I don’t feel, shows up in my body. In his book the Mindbody Prescription, Dr. Sarno describes this linkage quite well.  But instead of dealing with my discomfort with anger, sadness and all those icky-ucky feelings that can be a part of one’s life, I focused on solving my physical ailments by looking for the answers outside of myself. As I result I wound up choosing:

  • Relationships that I didn’t want because I didn’t think I had a choice.
  • Careers I didn’t want because I didn’t think I had a choice.
  • Friends I didn’t want because I didn’t think I had a choice.

I had developed a habit of listening to people outside of myself and not making my own feelings matter. I focused on achieving and making others happy in order to gain approval and success in life. And succeed I did. On the outside it didn’t look bad at all. I had a successful consulting business. I lived in a great house. I was acting in the community theater and had a great relationship. However, I found myself saying, “I hate my life,” which I didn’t understand.

So what was the problem?

Rather than pretend that everything was okay or look for answers outside of me from yet another doctor or guru, I went through Abigail Steidley’s Mind-Body Coach Training and looked inside. There were two main things I did (and still do):

  • I learned how to slow down and land or grounded in my own feet. Yes, energetically, I am constantly out of my own body and focused on my environment. I developed a practice of bringing my energy back into my own shoes. As I do this, I usually take a deeper breath.
  • Then, I get curious about: What am I feeling, now? This may sound simple, but when I first started doing this, I did it about 50 times a day, because I didn’t know how I felt. I was so used to not knowing, having ignored my feelings for so long.

The Mind-Body training was transformational for me. I am someone who didn’t realize that I regularly dissociate from my body and don’t know how I feel. Going through the Mind-Body training helped me land in my own two feet, my body and feel what was really going on inside me. This lead to making more self-honoring choices in my life. 

Sure, I plummeted into a “Ring of Fire” which was certainly uncomfortable, but it was a way of catching up to myself and realizing that I matter. The training was a pivotal point in my life to help me learn how to continually re-align my life to my souls’ wisdom. I think it is a phenomenal experience!

So here is how you can give it a try: slow down and land in your own body. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling now?” and make what you feel on the inside matter more than what is on the outside, even for just a minute. See if you get any information that you can use to take care of yourself more effectively.  

And in the process, if taking Abigail Steidley’s Mind-Body Coach Training is calling to you, apply now .   You and your body will be so happy you did!

As for me, I quit my job and left my relationship. I wound up meeting someone that I am still in a relationship with. We started our own company together, thrive! , and moved to Montana. I took up acting and have since been in five plays. And I have finally gotten around to writing—doing what I wanted to do oh so long ago.

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