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How Many Sit Ups for Stomach Flattening? | Ask The Fitness Nerd

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:40pm

Getting a flat stomach takes more than just countless sit ups. Find out the formula to a flatter, more defined mid-section.

Dear Fitness Nerd, Image of Man with Flat Stomach and Great Abs

A very broad question that I’d like to read your opinion on regarding stomach flattening.

I’m a massive gym user and fitness freak. At the moment I weight 12.7 stone and at 6′ 2″ consider myself not only very healthy, but also quite physically fit. However, people who are heavier than me and often shorter have a leaner and more defined mid-drift (abs, obliques, back, shoulders, etc.)

My question is simply with a healthy diet in mind, how many sit ups a day would an average gym user need to do before they see results and a “flatter” stomach? Thanks! — Jack

Despite what you might have heard, a flat stomach really has less to do with the amount of sit ups you perform and more to do with your overall body fat levels.

While sit ups and other abdominal exercises like crunches, jack-knifes and hanging leg raises can all help develop more muscle in your torso (as well as contribute to overall core stability and strength), getting a flat stomach or having definition in your abs is really 80 percent diet.



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