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How Many Calories Did I Just Burn?

Posted Feb 04 2010 11:47am

You huffyou puffyou sweatand you groan for what seems like an eternity. You step on that scale the next morning to see that it only made a .2 difference in our weight. You throw your head back in frustration thinkinghow? I worked out for a full hour yesterday! Discouraged by your little resultsbefore you know ityou’ve decided to bag the whole idea of losing those last 5 pounds and head to your freezer for some ice cream. While making the choice to get more healthy and lose some unwanted weightpeople tend to forget that an important key to weight loss and having more knowledge about it in the first place. For instancewhen a woman sets out to lose 5-10  poundsher usual first goal is to start eating better. As she begins to eat bettershe will find that that the first few pounds drop off rather quickly. Delighted by her resultsshe decides to keep what she’s doing. If it ain’t brokedon’t fix itright? Problem isour bodies are amazing at adapting. After a week or 2the woman will begin to notice a decrease in her weight loss. She may even hit a plateau. Which means that even though she is still eating healthyshe will lose little to no weight. That is when people then decide to add in exercise. Depending on your activity level to begin withyou might only exercise by walkingand then gradually work up to jogging. One of the biggest ways to increase weight loss is cardio exercise.  Cardio is short for cardiovascularwhich refers to the heart. Cardiovascular exerciseis an exercise that raises your heart rate and keeps it elevated for a period of time. Another name for it is aerobic exercise. The kinds of exercise that are associated with cardiovascular workouts are things like joggingfast walkingswimmingand biking where there is no break in the routine. Soback to the lady whose trying to lose weight. As she sees that her weight loss has plateauedshe will then more than likely introduce exercise into the mix. She might begin walking for 30 minutesor even trying to jog 15 minutes out of the 30. By introducing cardio workouts into her weight loss planshe will then begin to see a difference on her scale. But like stated aboveour bodies do not like to changeand will quickly try to adapt itself to the new exercise. Like the womanor you perhapsare frustrated that once againyou worked out for a full hour and saw little results. But how do we really know how many calories each exercise is allowing us to burn? While we pour our heart and soul into a workoutwe often feel that we should deservingly burn 1,000 calories! After allyou just worked like a mad woman. But what if it’s way less than you think? Could that be why your scale is moving so slowly? Like many AmericansI’m sure there are many times after a hard workout you ask yourselfhow many calories did I just burn? Welllet’s find the answer.

Although countless websites offer calories burned calculatorsthey are not always accurate. If a site only asks you to type in your weight and how many minutes you did a particular activitymore than likely it’s not correct. An older woman and I may be the same weight and do the same exact exercise for precisely one hourhoweverbecause of our age differenceI am more likely to burn more calories because my heart rate can handle going higherand thus burning more. Upon getting myself a heart rate monitor several weeks ago(read my reviews page for details)I was excited to see that it gave an estimation of calories burned. I trust this to be pretty accurate because my monitor requires my agegenderheightand weight. While being able to consistently monitor my heart rate for an entire workoutI believe it is safe to say that my calories burned is accurategive or take a few. So back to the burning (sorry I just had to say that) question: How many calories did I just burn? I decided to perform a series of workout tests. I did 6 of the top cardiovascular workouts for 1 hour and recorded down my calories burned based on my heart rate monitor. Here are the results:

This was actually a fun test to do because I have always wanted to see which exercise burns the most calories. While 3 of them are all in the 400’srunning is the dominate winner. Keep in mind that these results are for my particular ageweightheightetc. Howeveras in any caseif someone else were to perform this testtheir numbers for each specific exercise might be different from minebut the ranking of most calories burned to the least would be about the same. I realize that not everyone can go out and purchase a heart rate monitorso here are a list of calories burned calculator sites that I believe are close to accurate:

*Although the above site only asks for weightit’s results have been close to that of my heart rate monitor. <—–this one is great!

So if you’ve been frustrated by your small results from your exercisetry figuring out what type of exercise can get you the maximum calories burned. Just remember to not over do itand listen to your body. While losing a few pounds might be beneficial to your overall healthnever go beyond what is best for younot someone else. God wants us to take care of our bodies so we can continue in our service for him. So how many calories did you just burn? Go find the answer!

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