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How listening to your inner voice can save a life

Posted Oct 13 2010 11:43am


I often share information about special causes or organizations to help raise awareness but this story about Michael Gable and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is very personal to me. Michael was 38 years old, with a beautiful wife and two young kids, when he suddenly past away from an enlarged heart or HCM. I worked with Michael's wife, Michelle, for years and hired him to work with me later on at a different company. Amy Mayo, a close friend of Michael's, created this beautiful video to share not only Michael's story to raise awareness for HCM but to share Michelle's story of how listening to her inner voice saved their daughter's life.

It was only two weeks after Michael passed away when Michelle took their 1-year old daughter, Grace, to the hospital because of a worsening cough. The doctors checked her and told Michelle to "take Grace home and keep an eye on her." Sitting in the same hospital room that Michael had passed away in, Michelle listened to her inner voice. She insisted the doctors admit Grace to the hospital. Later that night, their daughter was diagnosed with HCM and in the ICU for one-month.

All proceeds from the album support: Michael's children, Gable Heart Beats Foundation, 44 for Life, Heart to Heart Foundation, HCMA, Children's Cardiomyopathy (CCF)We've all heard similar stories. The doctor dismisses anything is wrong and says to return in a few months for a re-evaluation. When this happens, my friend gave me great advice on how to handle this situation. Ask the doctor, "what test will you do when I return in a few-months?" After the doctor replies with x,y,z test say "please give me these test today!" Why wait until it's too late!? The other option is to get a second opinion right away. The site, Give Me A Second , is a great resource for learning why this is so important.

Michael was a sales superstar, amazing leader and mentor to many, the best dad and husband, a soccer star and passionate singer in the band, Segue. He is missed by so many.

Segue released the album, One Race Human, a tribute to Michael to help raise money for Michael's children, Gable Hearts Beat Foundation, 44 for life, Heart to Heart Foundation, HCMA, CCF. Click here to purchase and read more about the Rock For A Cause concert being held on November 27th in Moraga, CA.

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