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How I plan to survive Easter Weekend on #Whole30

Posted Mar 28 2013 5:04pm
This weekend we're heading off to Vancouver Island to spend Easter Weekend with my husband's family.  The downside is packing everything up and the 2 hour ferry ride but the upside is a nice weekend away with family and that beautiful forecast that is calling for mostly sun this weekend.  I am hoping that amongst the visiting and turkey dinners we can steal a bit of time down at the beach...

Anyhow, this will also be my first foray out into the real world since starting Whole30.  I'm not super worried since Easter dinner is typically a pretty wholesome fare - roasted turkey and usually lots of veggie dishes.  However, it's the appetizers, desserts and how those veggies are prepared that are going to pose some issues for me.

In order to make it is as easy as possible to while we're away and also to not be too much bother to my husband's family by nitpicking every dish to find out what kind of oil was used or if there's any wheat or soy in everything, I've decided to bring along a whole bunch of back up food.  I figure if I bring some leftovers and easy to prepare things then if a particular meal doesn't work for me I can easily just heat up something else and not draw a whole lot of attention.

I'm thinking of it kind of like my Whole30 Survival Kit and here's what it entails...

1.  Whole30-friendly cooking stuff:

  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut aminos (it's shocking how much this stuff tastes like soy sauce)
  • Mocha spice rub in case we grill steaks one night
  • Old Bay seasoning
  • I'm also bringing macadamia nuts and marinated mushrooms for snacking

2.  Extra veggies and fruit:
  • Bananas, oranges and apples
  • A few yams
  • Avocados since avo goes on top of everything these days!

3.  A yummy Whole30-friendly side dish for Easter dinner:
  • Pan fry some onions, chopped up proscuitto and sliced Kalamata olives
  • Blanch a bunch of chopped up asparagus
  • Drain the asparagus, top with the onion/proscuitto mix and add a bunch of sliced up grape tomatoes
  • So delicious hot or cold

4.  A few leftovers and substitutes:

5.  Dinner for on the ferry is ready to go:
  • Last bit of my delicious "clean out the fridge" soup I made last night (thankfully they have microwaves on the boat)
  • Cut up veggies and guacamole
  • Some fruit

The kids even tried to help making their own dinner of peanut butter sandwiches but really, they spent more time scooping the PB off the bread and just eating it.

6.  Easter/Whole30 boiled eggs:

I'm also excited because after two weeks of rest my chiropractor thinks I should run this weekend and see how things feel.  So the runners are being packed and Riley just couldn't help but try them on for size...

So here's hoping I survive Easter weekend on Whole30 and wishing you all a nice holiday weekend too!
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