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How I kicked my soda habit (Reader’s tips)

Posted May 21 2011 2:41pm

I loved reading everyone’s responses to my post on how I kicked my soda habit . It seems as though I’m not the only person who used to guzzle down the diet soda!

Christina wrote: My roommate and I did a 30-day challenge where we gave up soda (me) and lattes (her) cold turkey. We did just fine. Now I allow myself to have one occasionally. :) (I love the idea of a 30 Day Challenge, Christina!)

Kristen allows herself to have a soda from time to time, if she gets the urge for one.   Grace has a cherry limeade as an occasional treat.  Jen also follows the “everything in moderation” mantra and will have a soda when she really wants one.

Brittany had a wake up call a few years ago when she realized that she couldn’t get through the day without a diet soda.  She quit cold turkey and hasn’t looked back!  Hannah also quit cold turkey.

Lauren realized that diet soda didn’t fit in with her healthy lifestyle, and she decided to give it up (with an occasional Zevia, a healthier option, now and then).

Felicia wrote: I am going through the same thing right now that you had to go through when you were my age.  I’ve been severely addicted to Mountain Dew since I was super young.  It isn’t the caffeine that I crave, it is the taste of Mountain Dew.  Something about adding a Mountain Dew to dinner, adds to dinner for me.  It just fits perfectly with all meals and I love it so much.  I’ve been limiting myself to one soda a day.  And, I’ve also been trying to start to drink one, non caffeinated soda a day.  I suppose that is my start to getting rid of the caffeine.  I’ll choose Sprite, or Root Beer, or Cream Soda instead of a caffeinated drink now.  I know they are still unhealthy for you, but it is a start.


Thanks for sharing your experiences, ladies!

As I mentioned the other day, part of what helped me get over drinking soda was switching to water.

When I was in the first grade, a friend came to my house to play.  To this very day, I recall being completely shocked when my mother asked my friend what she’d like to drink, and she asked for water.  Water?!  Seriously?  Who would drink water?

Clearly, I didn’t drink much water as a child (unless you count Kool-Aid ).

I really wish that I’d always been a fan of water.  Drinking pure water is important for many reasons.  It transports nutrients and oxygen into the cells, protects and moisturizes our joints, detoxifies, keeps are metabolism going, and helps to keep our skin clear.

These are all great reasons to guzzle down the water, and keep the artificial beverages to a minimum!

Ironically, I was so focused on typing this post today that I forgot to pack my stepson’s water bottle for his soccer game this afternoon!

If anyone else has any more tips on cutting down on soda or drinking more water, feel free to share them!

Happy Saturday!

(Stay tuned tomorrow for a new recipe and details about my blog redesign!)

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