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How drinking whole milk will help you to get rid of sugar cravings .

Posted Nov 17 2011 12:00am
milk vendors in Amritsar.
I grew up in rural Haryana/Punjab  which is the ultimate doodh-ghee land.
Milk was the ultimate health drink then and its quality was determined by its creaminess . By the thickness of the malai layer you could lift off when cooled.If anyone had told those sturdy Jats to drink skim milk they would probably have got a mouthful of choice expletives thrown at them.That was what we grew up drinking .Till we became city folks and started buying double toned milk.
Full fat milk has 65% saturated fats and 30% MUFA. The fat in this is a good fat which is needed by our cells and our brain - for growth and regeneration -nature reserves the best for the progeny. This fat steadies the blood sugar and is full of vitamins and micronutrients.
When you remove this saturated fat ,not only must you eat more grains and sugars to fill in the gap ,you also lose the fat soluble vitamins which are not easily bio -available  in vegetable sources. If you drink skim milk, you miss out on the satiating, blood sugar and insulin steadying affects of saturated fat.Making your body crave for  sugar and carbs to make up for it. Sugar cravings are impossible to control when you eat a low fat diet. Good Fats = Satiety .
Sugar = Instant Fuel. When there is no Satiety ,no genuine nourishment of the cells ,the need for instant fuel will keep haunting you .It is not about willpower but about working with your body. I have been drinking full fat milk,full fat yoghurt , and eating butter and ghee for many years now and it has helped me immensely in three things:
  • Getting rid of sugar / grain cravings .
  • Maintaining overall good health even with moderate calorie cutting.
  • Being able to train hard !- it is a performance booster .
  • The only thing to watch is to have your full fat milk /dahi/ lassi/ ghee  without adding copious quantities of sugar or grain .That will cause weight gain.In Punjab gud-ghee pinni is fed to sickly kids to make them put on weight :)
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