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How Does Microtia Affect My Child?

Posted Jul 24 2012 4:56am
Microtia does affect your child’s appearance and you may feel guilty and sad that everything is not fine with your kid. However, this is a condition that can be corrected with advanced surgical options available now. The motor skills of the child or his intelligence are not affected at all and he can live a normal life. Only the ear is affected by this condition. As children grow, they obviously get used to their little ears. Parents must always try raising their children with as much self esteem and confidence as possible. Parents should be a great support in case their children feel upset about the ear just because of being teased or someone questioning about their ear.

Don’t Let the Condition Affect Your Child

Parents can encourage their children to develop self-respect and confidence, which will help him/her get through those difficult days. Often children affected by microtia experience poor hearing in one ear. Your child might experience hearing loss to a moderate degree if the ear canal is absent. In case both ears are affected by microtia, the child may have to use a hearing aid.  Even if the child is struggling with hearing impairment, he may still be able to hear with the help of a bone conduction processor. If parents do not want their children to use a hearing device, they can assist them a little by talking loud and clear enough so that they can be heard easily.  The child can also learn some sign language for getting that extra opportunity of communicating. This will help the children not miss out on what is being said. In some cases, children with microtia may also have eye problems, jaw problems and orthodontic problems that may require individual treatment.

The important thing to remember is that the child would be affected by microtia more if parents allow it to be so.  Children should be made to realize that they are not different from anyone else and that microtia would not be a hurdle in their lives if they take the right approach.

How to Raise the Child with Microtia?

The child with microtia should be raised just as any other child.  One must always consider the possibility of hearing loss and ensure that everything that needs to be heard in the environment is heard by the child. Always try and help the child develop into a healthy adult.  If the child is diagnosed with a hearing loss, there are several safety concerns involved.  Parents should try looking into all the options that will help the child get most of his/her life. Options that will help the child hear better should be chosen. Attention should never be drawn to their little ear. They should be raised with confidence because they may already be experiencing some bullying. Parents must always try and be with children most of the time. A microtia ear doesn’t mean the end of the road for your child; it is something that can be fixed.

Microtia can be corrected with advanced microtia surgery that is best provided by an experienced and skilled microtia surgeon. This ear reconstruction is ideally done when the child is ten years of age. The surgery is effective and helps restore a normal looking ear.
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