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How Do You Overnight Your Oats??

Posted May 19 2011 1:04pm

Happy Thursday everyone! Don’t worry, I’m not wrapping up oats to ship across the country! The title refers to the fact that am in need of some assistance with this whole overnight oats thing.

After reading countless blog posts about the deliciousness of overnight oats, I FINALLY decided to give them a try. So last night, I combined 1 cup of my favorite unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 1/2 cup of multigrain rolled oats and left them to chill out in the fridge.

overnight oats with almond milk

This morning, I was encouraged to see that the two ingredients and had melded together, so transferred the mixture to a bowl and added my favorite toppings of sliced ripe banana and a healthy scoop of smooth peanut butter.

overnight oats with almond milk banana and peanut butter 2

I gotta say, I was pretty disappointed. I was prepared for the lack of warmth (which is something I enjoy about my usual oats), however, the texture and flavor are both definitely missing something. I thought who better to ask for advice then my overnight oats loving readers!

Here are some of the the mix-ins and toppings that I have available…

overnight oats add ins

I have seen many a blogger add chia seeds and cocoa, so I think that that would be a pretty tasty combo. I was tempted also by trying a decaf mocha variety by combining cocoa powder and my instant Trader Joe’s decaf coffee crystals, however, I’m a little worried about ruining a whole bowl of oats! Has anyone tried that before?

Help a foodie out…

What overnight oat combos do you enjoy/suggest?

P.S. if you haven’t yet seen out new Tofu Pad Thai recipe , shame on you!

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