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How do I use this?

Posted May 25 2011 12:00am

While at work today I engaged in a conversation with one of my clients about the general understanding of technology. I am currently working in an industry booming in the technology industry yet half of our clientele subsides in prior generations therefore technology is still a little mysterious.


With all of that said let me get to the real point of this post. I miss the times when technology did not consume my life; for example I get up in the morning check my mail, read my favorite blogs, unfortunately check the dreaded facebook (I am slightly ashamed but I still do it) and then head into work where I stare at a computer from 8:30 am until I leave between 5:30 and 7:30 pm. Only to come home and probably spend a good hour or two on the computer before bed. Notice the example I just gave you was only technology with a computer I don’t want to even begin with my cell phone or other devices.


However, society is the way it is for a reason and it seems if you don’t start catching on, going with the flow,  you will be left behind and out of the “ new best thing.” It’s sad that people can now order their food online, grocery shop, and basically do everything online without even getting off the couch but that is a whole different post.

Again with  the babbling. What I am getting at is I have dabbled with online blogging as opposed to writing all my thoughts on paper on and off for about two years. I started my blog while I was in college; sometimes I was really good at posting, sometimes I was horrible, I quit at one point, I came back only to quit again followed by random posts all while my writing never really improved.

I will be the first one to openly admit I am a horrible writer and at first was hesitant because on paper I can only see how bad I write. I am now allowing others to see how I write  hoping that judgment won’t be placed. Even if I am judged I don’t mind because I am who I am and I’m probably not going to change much. I have taught myself how to use wordpress, do a little html coding, and all the other social media features out there and I am proud of that. To finally get to my point after my long post which was supposed to be extremely short.

I am revamping this thing!!!  New name, new look, new everything. My life has changed dramatically over the past two years and I am ready to change the way I blog.

whit pink

Stay Tuned. Just know it is coming!

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