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How do i treat an ankle hematoma

Posted by Wanda

how long do I wear an ace bandage?  Do i need to take a blood thinner?

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I injured my leg resulting in a pretty big hematoma.  I am on coumadin, which is not doing the healing process any favors.  As well, I drink quite a bit of green tea.  Just how much does green tea affect my healing process? 
TC Patient Expert
I wouldn't suggest running out to get a blood thinner. Keep your ice on. Keep it wrapped. Keep it elevated and if your looking to thin your blood naturally you should drink green tea. It contains Salicilates which is the natural anti inflammatory & blood thinning agent used to to create aspirin. However, if your taking a coumadin or other drug already then this could be dangerous. Check with your doctor. In my opinion, sticking to natural means of treatment is a much better idea for your whole body as well as your ankle. Heal quickly. Good luck.
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