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how do i make my immune system healthier?

Posted by ganicia08

I've been getting sick on and off for the past 4 months  and im tired of it, what can i do to strenthgn my immune system. thank you.
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Daily moderate physical activity, eating lots of fruits, vegs, and whole grains, take vitamin D and Juice Plus as supplements.

Verna Groger, registered dietitian

Verna's suggestions are spot-on. I would also add 3 other suggestions:  

1. getting plenty of sleep - ideally 8 hrs but you may need more to support your immune system

2. taking a probiotic supplement to restore and bolster beneficially bacteria in your gut- particularly if you've been taking antibiotics

3. avoiding added sugars and simple carbohydrates in general - which can suppress your immune system. 

I take a yeast culture supplelment (much different than just a yeast tablet) called EpiCor. Taken it for two years. Allergies all but gone. No cold/flu knockout punch this season or last, either. Has some solid science emerging. Works by not boosting immune system, but rather "balancing" it so it doesn't over react or under react. 

Agree with all of the above as well. Sleep is crucial. Fluids and balanced diet too. 

Good luck. 


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