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Posted Nov 04 2009 10:05pm

Ray Salomone, Personal Trainer and Wellness Activist

The soaring rates of childhood obesity, asthma, allergies and cancer is no accident. It has been a calculated and concerted effort by Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Medicine to make your child fat, sedentary and sick. It is by far the greatest injustice of our time.

Defenseless children are being saddled with a litany of life-long ailments and the related suffering. What were once anomalies is now the norm. Who doesn’t know a child that is not obese, asthmatic or allergic to many foods? If you do not know a child with cancer, consider yourself very fortunate.

 Why is this? And why was it not so just fifty years ago?

Children are under a relentless assault by the well-orchestrated actions of Big Business, who certainly would not approve of the way my wife and I are nurturing our child:

By assuring that the placenta and umbilical cord remained attached long enough to fully drain back into our just born son, we deprived Big Business of their first opportunity to make our child vulnerable to many illnesses and ailments. We also deprived them of the opportunity to process the placenta into high-priced personal care products.

By rejecting the hepatitis vaccine at birth, we set in motion our patent rejection of the inoculations, thereby denying Big Pharma the opportunity to profit from our child and once again try to set in motion a pattern of illness and dependence on pharmaceuticals.

Exclusively breastfeeding for the first eight months, my wife deprived Big Food from forcing formula (many with dubious ingredients) upon our child. By rejecting formula, we rejected Big Business’ opportunity to set in motion a life-long craving for junk processed foods.

Buying and preparing only organic fruits, vegetables and eggs, we are rejecting the processed baby foods, many containing processed fillers that clog a baby’s vulnerable digestive system, opening them up for a litany of digestive disorders.

 My wife, my son and I are most certainly bad for Big Business.

 Here is what Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Medicine hopes you do from the instant your child is born:

 1. Immediately cut the umbilical cord, ensuring that the placenta is still filled with valuable agents that can be processed into personal care items.

2. Minutes later, they want to inject your child with the Hepatitis Vaccine, setting into motion an endless string of vaccines that now reach well into adulthood.

3. Forego breastfeeding, instead opting for the heavily processed baby formula. Breast milk is miracle milk. In my opinion, baby formula induces your infant to nap and sleep better. And what new and exhausted parent does not want that?

4. Along with formula, Big Food is poised to push jarred baby food as the best option for your child. While they will try to use the nutrition angle, they will mostly rely on convenience and cost message.

5. At this point, the subliminal influence campaign will be in full force with an onslaught of television, magazine and internet ads aimed directly at parents and indirectly at children who will be exposed to a relentless stream of messages professionally designed by pediatric behavioral psychologists on the payroll of Big Business.

6. All is going according to plan and your child is now progressing to a diet of highly processed junk food, devoid of vital nutrients. He or she is gaining weight and moving less, adopting a sedentary lifestyle with over reliance of gadgets and other high technology. Perhaps your child has developed a peanut allergy or is lactose intolerant. Asthma may be looming. A life of reliance on pharmaceuticals, sugar satisfying junk foods and frequent visits to the doctor awaits.

 Just as Big Business planned it.

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 Ray Salomone   Personal Trainer and Wellness Activist

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by Ray Salomone and Dr. Katina Ioannidis

 During my vast amounts of free time, I am also a fiction writer. My first novel, PEACE BE WITH YOU, a psychological drama of addiction and redemption, was published in 2007.  

My next novel, HUMAN TRAFFIC, a story of love and vengeance, will be finished sometime in the next decade.


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