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How Banking Cord Blood Can Protect Family Health

Posted Oct 02 2013 7:17am

cord blood

cord blood Advancements in science and medicine have shown that the blood of the umbilical cord and placenta after birth have many uses. This blood is full of stem cells which are responsible for growing the fetus, and organs. Now steps are being taken to harvest, freeze and save these stem cells in umbilical cord blood in infants in a blood cord bank to combat diseases they may experience in the future and grow new organs instead of transplanting them. With the use of these cells, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s could potentially be cured. If you and your family want to participate in the preservation process, and protect the future health of your family there are a few things that you need to know about banking your baby’s blood.

Ensure that the Bank is Registered, Accredited, and Certified Experts recommend that cord blood banks be FDA registered, AABB accredited, and CLIA certified. This ensures that the umbilical cord blood sample will be preserved properly, and there is less guess-work on behalf of the patient. When the blood bank is registered, accredited, and certified, you can be sure that your blood will be ready to help your child if unforeseen illnesses or disease should arise.

Physician-Owned and Operated There is more success with a stem-cell transplant clinic where the doctors and professionals have experience. Owners who are also physicians, are more connected to the whole operation and can offer their experience and knowledge to the other staff. Choose a bank that can offer you great service and guarantee their work.

Select an Experienced Cord Blood Bank When you select an experienced and respected cord blood bank, you are more likely to have more success because great care will be taken in storing your child’s sample of umbilical cord blood. When the integrity of the sample is preserved, the chances of finding a cure for a disease is increased. Banks should offer their success rates and you should take the time to research the company.

Good Standing with a Better Business Bureau If the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, there is a greater possibility that the company will offer better services. Check the reviews and determine if anyone has anything negative to say about the blood bank. If so, then select another company.

Select a Cord Blood Bank with State-of-the-Art Kits The state-of-the-art kits are required to obtain a viable sample. The best kits contain collection bags with liquid Citrate Phosphate Dextrose solution (CPD). Avoid kits that use heparin, and keep in mind that citrate-based anti-coagulants are recommended by the FDA. The best storage technology will protect against cross-contamination. This can be accomplished by using a cryogenic storage bag to create a barrier against cross-contaminants.

Familycord blood banks are a great idea when you want to protect your children if they should need a new organ later in life, or if they get a disease like cancer. The stem cells found in their very own birth cord blood can save their life later on through the proper preservation at a cord blood bank. When there are discounts, it is more affordable, and more people can increase their chances of living healthy lives when illnesses do occur. Even a donation can help many others through research if it goes unused. Contact a cord blood bank and find out more about how to improve your chances of living a long and healthy life.

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