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How {and Why} I Fell Back in Love with My Blog

Posted Feb 22 2013 12:11pm


When I started blogging in 2008, I was ecstatic.

The decision to publish something online that was all my own and would document everything I learned as a health coach in training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was like a huge jolt of energy to my system.

But it wasn’t long before that initial high wore off and I despised my blog.

In fact, at one point, I went months months without posting on it.

That created a lull in my business and my brand.

So what happened and how did I get things back on track? 

First, WHY did I even start blogging in the first place? This one is easy.

I’d spent so much time in a public relations career writing dull, boring, tech copy and attaching someone else’s byline to it, that I needed a creative outlet — and fast.

I studied journalism in undergrad. “Blogs” weren’t even a “thing” then. In fact, I don’t even know if it was a word. I think that makes me old, right?

So, I knew relatively little about blogging and I didn’t research it much beyond the few blogs I read at the time.

I just got started. No strategy. No nothing.

It was a blessing and a curse.

What I did know is that I didn’t want a blog that would document everything I ate and all my workouts. That’s just not me. Besides, I was spending money on a nutrition education so I wanted to share what I was learning.

I chose a name and set up my blog on Blogger. Then I started writing. At first I didn’t even use pictures or links. Just text. Eventually, I posted pictures but the quality was atrocious. And my posting was inconsistent. Looking back, the output was just plain embarrassing. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t have any images to show for it.

But it did go on like that for awhile.

As the blogosphere grew, I realized that if I wanted my message to reach as many women as possible and truly inspire people to create the change I wanted to see, this way of blogging wasn’t going to work.

I took a few first steps like buying the domain name for my blog and transferring my blog to WordPress. It was long overdue.

Once that happened, I was blogging daily, without a lot of planning or strategy. I soon realized that schedule wasn’t realistic for me and my life. So again, the blog went untouched.

I started to HATE my blog.

I felt overwhelmed, uninspired and unfocused.

I fell into the comparison trap and convinced myself I wasn’t good enough to have a blog.

I even thought about shutting down my blog for good. What??

Obviously, this is no way to grow a brand or a business.

Then I took the leap of faith that would change everything – I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy & Hot B-School.

First, let me say that I love learning and will jump at the chance to soak up new information that can be applied to my business, especially. I had followed Marie online for awhile and downloaded her free trainings.

I was ready for the next step.

How did it help me? The effect has been cumulative and I’m still seeing the results but I can sum it all up into a few key takeaways:

  • I discovered how I could channel my passions and knowledge into focused output 
  • I created a strategy for growing my business
  • I developed an avatar that represents my ideal customer so I can speak to her when I write
  • I learned how to weave ME into a brand that truly represents me — my personality, my values, my life!
  • I devised a way to engage my readers and keep them coming back for more
  • I established a blogging schedule and calendar

Learn more about what Rich, Happy & Hot B-school is and what it’s not.

Most importantly, I fell back in love with my blog.

  • I’ve grown my readership by at least 100% month on month for the past 4 months 
  • I have a post strategy and schedule. That’s not to say I don’t post when I’m inspired, but I have a plan too. I like that.
  • I write with more clarity and focus
  • I set up an RSS feed in Mailchimp to ensure my list doesn’t miss a post
  • I’ve converted readers into friends and clients and have doubled the size of my mailing list
  • I’ve re-vamped the look and feel of my blog to match my brand
  • I work with brands I believe in, in a targeted way
  • My blog has become a viable revenue stream for my business
  • I incorporate video (Vlogging) into my blog strategy
  • My blog is recognized and I’m proud to show it off

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Is my blog perfect? Hell, no! It’s a work in progress, just like me.

But if I’m going to work hard on something, I want it to reflect that hard work and passion.

That’s the payoff I got with B-school.

Want to learn more about the 8-week program and if it’s right for you? In her no BS fashion, Marie lays it all out here.

And if this story sounds familiar or resonates with you and you’re thinking about enrolling, do it through this link because I’m offering some freebies.

Your choice of:

  • 2 free health coaching sessions with me (a 50 minute initial session and a 30 minute follow-up): We’ll dissect your diet and I’ll show you how to make tweaks – small or large – to get you on the right path to achieving your best body to match your brand 

– or–

  • 2 free blog strategy sessions (a 50 minute initial session and a 30 minute follow-up): Acting as your accountability partner, we’ll create an action plan for incorporating your B-school learnings into your own blog to create a blog you love. 


1 season of my Total Reset Plan , a 30-day virtual meal planning service to get you back on track with healthy eating so you can stay there for the long haul.

Still have questions? I’m always happy to answer. Contact me!



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