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How A Great Education Makes A Better You

Posted Apr 24 2013 11:27am

People today tend to think of education in terms of market value, as a pathway to higher paying careers. However, while a great education does prepare a person for a career and can help in obtaining a well paid position, those are far from the only benefits a great education holds. Science has shown that education has a positive impact on physical and mental health, improving a person’s overall life experience and satisfaction.

Better Relationships

A great education means better relationships for many people. That’s because education can make you better relationship material. Education can expand your interests and put you in different places, where you’ll meet a different sort of person than at your local bar or club. Those places may be fine to meet people for casual friendships, but perhaps, an interest in beer, shots, and shooting pool isn’t the best thing to base a long-term relationship on.

Improved Physical Health

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research , education can contribute significantly to better physical health, reducing the likelihood of such things as heart disease and diabetes. Well educated people are more likely to seek out health information and apply it to their lives. Education expands possibilities and potentials, changing what people want out of life. Many people make conscious lifestyle choices to preserve the opportunities that a great education offers.

Enhance, Protect Mental Health

On April 10, 2012, US News and World Report noted that research has found that when it comes to being happy and enjoying a long life, education is one of the most important factors. An active, interested, well-educated mind, as explained in a March 6, 2013 Science Daily article, can help protect against Alzheimer’s Disease and age-related dementia. The role of an active mind in protecting against those ailments is well established by science. Education, ongoing throughout life, is a great way to stay mentally active and connected to the world around you.

Become Your Best Self

Earning a Masters in Employment Law online can launch you into an excellent career with financial security. However, a great education can also help you to become your best self, improving your physical health and increasing your satisfaction and happiness in your daily life . Improving your education can help you to be a more interesting person, changing your perspective on life and broadening your horizons. It really can make a better you.


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