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Hot Weather Running

Posted Jun 02 2011 3:40pm
Yesterday I was supposed to go run outside at the track but it was so hot when I got home after work that I thought I would literally melt outside on the track. This got me thinking about the upcoming summer and how I am going to make it though and continue to run outside. Because let's face it..running on the treadmil every day just won't cut it. At least not for me! And with the weather in the 100's today, I decided I had better give hot weather running some thought.

So here is my plan for running in the heat of Houston:

Be preparedTo me this means to be prepared physically and mentally. I need to have all of my hot weather gear ready and waiting for me when I get home so that I don't decide to give up and stay in the air conditioning but I also need to be prepared mentally. Having a strong attitude can be key. For me, just telling my self that I can do it goes a long way.
HydrateHydrating starts when you wake up and ends when you go to bed. Remembering to drink plenty of water throughout the day is very important. When I don't hydrate properly I tend to get very sick while running. Hydrating during the run is also important. Running for Trevor  had a great blog post with an equation about how much water you should be drinking each hour while working out. I am definitely in the market for one of these babies:

Protect your skinSunscreen is extremely important. We don't want to grow up looking like wrinkled leather now do we? If you are super pale like me this might be one of the most important tips ever! I have sunscreen/moisturizer that I wear in the morning along with SPF foundation and I put on sunscreen geared for my face in the afternoons before my run. I am terrible about putting it on all over my arms and legs but really need to get better at that! Something else I am soon to invest in is a good lightweight hat to wear while running. I find that I need eye protection from the sun but my glasses get sweaty when I sweat and slide down my nose.
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