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Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

Posted Aug 05 2010 11:12pm

It’s official, after two full days of workin’ it- I can officially declare that I love my new job! Besides it being comprised of simple clerical duties, I’m also able to assist and help house senior citizens who, in many cases, would be homeless or living in severe poverty. I won’t even get into what an architectural accomplishment the lofts are (it’s good to know I’m able to house hip, urban professionals as well). So far, I’ve met a broad variety of residents who are the sweetest, most engaging, and colorful group of folks. Not to mention, the location of our office is walking distance to the State Capitol , Cesar Chavez Park , Old Sacramento , and Midtown (where I’ll be moving in the next couple of months!)

In other news, I had the best hot dog last night for dinner:

I know, what an appalling thing to show on a healthy living blog. Color me disgusting, or filled with nitrates, but I love a plump, grilled hot dog once in a blue moon. The more loaded with sauerkraut-the better, not to mention oodles of ketchup and mustard. In fact, I love hot dogs so much that many years ago, after a night of drunken shenanigans in the West Village, I departed from my gaggle of friends with the promise of picking up a pizza for us all to share and sop up alcohol with. While on my pizza mission, I got sidetracked by the lure of the neon Gray’s Papaya Dog sign and its come hither glow. I immediately forgot the task at hand, purchased a hot dog loaded with toppings, hopped in a cab, woke up several hours later with my high heels still on and my cell phone exploding with voicemails from my now concerned and abandoned friends. One of the particularly unforgettable voice mails went like this:

“Chelsea, I hope you ended up calling a cab and got home safely. Please call me as soon as I get this so I know you’re ok. Also, if you’re still out and about….can you please bring us some pizza because I’m REALLY hungry!”

It’s been three years since that night, and I still get teased about it. Oh well, it’s a humorous memory that I’ll always relish. (rimshot)

In other news, I’m bringing lunches to work again so you can expect to see a lot of to-go meals such as this in future posts:

Carrots and Celery Sticks, Small Tupperware with Cruncy Peanut Butter (For DIpping Veggies), TERRA Chips, Luna Protein Bar (Afternoon Snack)

Tuna Sandwich (Loaded with Mustard and Spinach Leaves) on Whole Wheat Bread

How do you feel about hot dogs? Do you vehemently oppose them, or are you more than open to the occasional indulgence?

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