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Hot Chocolate Recipe and Traveling with Food

Posted Oct 11 2012 2:28pm
Hey Everyone!

So this past weekend I was in Boston visiting the Boyfriend and I wanted to tell everyone about how I managed to eat clean on the go and travel at the same time. With my competition so close I can afford to eat airport food or go hungry! So here is how I managed.

First off there is an Starbucks in every airport so step one is to get yourself some tea (or coffee). I suggest the Vanilla Rooibos or a Americano.

You shouldn't have trouble if you are driving either. Many rest stops.. Just avoid the fast food.

Next packing my food. Always keep in mind that your flight could get delayed or there might be a detour so you need to pack extra meals. BE PREPAIRED. My best advise.

Guess what? You can fly with food. Unless it is liquid, it will pass through TSA. So bring your cooler and ice packs and pack a bunch of meals. I suggest freezing your meals if it's a long flight and you aren't planning to eat them within 4 hours. Also normally a microwave is un available so bring stuff you don't mind eating cold.

On the trip in I packed Tilapia and Asparagus with some snacks. It was a quick flight. My flight back was a different story. Nate had to drop me off early because he had to go to practice and my flight got delayed! But no worries here because I had two meals ready to go. I had a Trader joes Rosemary Turkey burger with a asparagus and red onion. Then I had salmon and a veggie stir fry.

Note- raw nuts are no where to be found in the airport so I bring my own. I also brought edamame and beets to snack on.

When I was in town I went to the store and cooked all my food for the weekend. Trader Joes at Patriot Place saved me! I also made a stop at Whole Foods and Lululemon because i couldnt help myself. I went to dinner once and ordered plain salmon, squash and a spinach salad on the side with walnuts.

I was feeling very fall and wanted something to warm up with while I watched 12 episodes of Vampire Diaries! Ahhhh I know... I have been so busy with school and work that I needed to catch up. Plus I was waiting to watch it with someone special :)

Clean Hot Cocoa Recipe
1 cup of unsweetened almond milk- microwave or heat over stove
1 Tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder (not coco*)
Stevia or Splenda added for a little sweetness

I used a handheld electric blender, but you could also whisk it to blend. It was amazing and only 50 calories. Also I have read that coco powder acts as a diuretic so it's an added bonus!

I had the pleasure of attending the game with Paige my new BFF. Finally a tall friend. Instead of drinking and eating burgers before the game, we shopped and picked out my competition jewelry and Paige got some Patriots gear!

We pretty much froze our buns off at the game but we had a good time doing it. Of course I also packed my food for the game. A turkey burger and veggies and raw almonds to snack on during the game. Once your get into the habit of packing your food and preparing it early, it is very easy to do. No excuses.

It was a great weekend and I am happy to say that I was successful at eating clean. This weekend is homecoming weekend and all my roomies with be on there way to Athens tomorrow to tear up the town. Very excited to see everyone and I am fully ready to face all of the challenges of the weekend. Even though most people my age do not approve of my heathy life style, I am going to stay strong and hold my ground. Find your strong! Don't let others influence you negatively. People will take every chance they get to tear you down but it's up to you how you let it affect you.

Of course, I am also here for support. Feel free to reach out to me by commenting, through Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Love all the support I get from my followers :)
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