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Hospital Administrators Needed: To help a Ph.D. Candidate

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:51pm

From time-to-time I' ve been called to assist students, but this time you can help too.  Below is a request for help from Garry Buttermann.

I am a graduate student at the University of Louisville—my official
title is Ph.D. Candidate - Entrepreneurship and Strategy. At this time,
I am writing a dissertation focused on organizational strategy and
knowledge resources and will be using the hospital industry as the
sampling frame. I hope to find an important link between resources,
strategy, and performance.

Hospital knowledge is embedded in employees, business relationships with
suppliers and physicians, and idiosyncratic rules and procedures. In the
academic literature, these resources are known as intellectual capital.
I am interested in ways that intellectual capital and strategy
development (e.g., innovation, supply chain, and customer strategies)
drives performance in the hospital industry.

Is hospital performance driven by its level of intellectual capital?
What role does this knowledge play on the development of hospital
strategies? Can administrators develop knowledge that results in
financial performance? These are the questions that I hope to answer
with my dissertation research—they are consistent with theory
development but should help develop practical solutions for
administrators seeking to improve performance.

To answer these questions, I need data.

Therefore, I am calling on Officers, Vice Presidents, and Directors from
200 U.S. hospitals and to answer a short survey about strategic
processes and hospital resources. The sampling frame includes
non-government system and non-system hospitals.

At completion of the project, I will be providing a summary report of
findings for survey participants. The project follows University and IRB
guidelines in that respondents will be kept anonymous and data will be
reported in aggregate form.

Interested in participating?

Contact Garry Buttermann at 502-523-8163 or at

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