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Hopping on the blogwagon...

Posted May 25 2010 12:00am
So after many failed attempts at blogging I've decided to try again this one last time. I've always been hesitant about blogging because I saw it as another outlet to satiate one's ego and I didn't want to be another military spouse to join the ranks of the thousands of "life of an Army (Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine, etc.) wife" blogs out there in the blog world.  And no, I'm not hating on those kinds of blogs, I'm simply just saying that I would have nothing further to add to the many that are already out there.

Anyway, in time I learned that blogs aren't always about the "look at me world" mentality. Instead some blogs are simply used as an outlet for someone to share their passions with other people who are passionate about the same things. I have my fair share of subscriptions to decor, political, fashion, cooking AND yes, military wife blogs and I'm glad that the authors of these blogs were brave enough to write about what they love because through their writings, I've learned about things I would have never come across in a google search. And in this technological day and age, blogs are another great way to contribute to my efforts in procrastinating ;)

I plan to use my blog as a way to cope with my hunk of a husband's upcoming deployment, keep my family who live halfway across the world updated with our lives without having to worry about 13 hour time differences and to write about making the best of Fort Bragg, NC.  So now that I'm done justifying myself, say that 10 times fast :)
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