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Honey is the best choice for weight loss recipes slimming detox

Posted May 07 2013 5:54am
  Honey is a lot of people who lose weight in a drink, then how to make honey to lose weight to play to the maximum effect? ??The following Xiaobian should to introduce to you a honey three meals a day to lose weight, help people to lose weight quickly and effectively, cheap christian louboutin online  easy to have a good body
  Before going to bed try not to drink honey water
  Some people think that bedtime drink a glass of honey water, body of water, and to strengthen the energy, not only can promote sleep at night can also help metabolism run better, play a role in weight-loss.  cheap louboutin shoes sale   However, doing the same is not true, first, we have night metabolism slows down, honey water sugar is not easy to be completely consumed, and bedtime drink are particularly likely to cause edema, next morning may look more bloated.
  Honey water at night to slim, the best in the three hours before bedtime. So the body can have enough time to put off all those calories, christian louboutin men shoes    and is not prone to edema troubled. Concerned about the concentration of honey water lighter.
  Not fasting drink honey water
  A lot of people have to get up the habit of drinking a cup of honey water, but need to focus on is that doing so is relatively easy to cause obesity risks, because our bodies at rest all night, basically in hunger and lack of energy state, so this time to drink some of the relatively high concentration of honey and water, it is easy to put all the sugar absorbed, cause gain weight problems.
  Therefore, the correct system of law in the morning to drink a cup of warm water, then drink honey water, this way they can body to replenish fresh water, but also promote the smooth flow of the stomach, christian louboutin pumps online    is more important is to reduce the amount of sugar absorbed, to avoid increasing the conversion of fat rate.
  You can not over-reliance on honey water
  Often drink honey water can indeed play the effectiveness of weight-loss, but we can not because of this over-reliance on it, even ignore other diet, it is easy to cause the body to lack of nutrition and affect the health and metabolic problems. And honey, after all, a certain amount of sugar, drinking too much it will cause obesity risks.
  Every morning to drink a glass of honey water can help lubricate intestines, promote detoxification. Hungry before dinner,  red bottom shoes on sale   then you can use honey water to replenish some energy and play an appetite suppressant effect, so you can avoid overeating before the dinner. And the other time to drink honey water will have to concern as very light.
  Breakfast: a cup of honey green tea. Green tea bitter cold, chlorophyll-containing, heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory; honey sweet nature, sugar, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, sterilization detoxification, Bu Zhong Yi Qi, a laxative effect. Green tea + honey, both bactericidal anti-inflammatory,  cheap christian louboutin heels   but also improve the body resistance.
  Lunch: honey and a cup of mint tea, a tablespoon of honey. The cool mint spicy, mainly contains volatile oil, the various components of wind-dispersing heat with the role of detoxification. Mint tea can stimulate the movement of food in the digestive tract, help digestion, especially for gastrointestinal discomfort or eat too much greasy food and drink,  louboutin shoes cheap   as well as help digestion with the solution tired.
  Dinner: a cup of honey tea, a tablespoon of pure honey. Honey tea not only Nourishing stomach, laxative effect, black tea caffeine can also stimulate the vascular system and heart, to speed up the circulation of the blood. Honey tea drinkers,  christian louboutin discount   but also helps perspiration to accelerate the row of the body of wastes and excess water, and ultimate elimination of fatigue and detoxification purposes.
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