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Homemade Tiramisu

Posted Jul 14 2012 1:52pm

- 10 eggs
- Sugar
- Salt to taste
- Marscapone (roughly 2lbs.)
- Rum of your choice
- Package of Lady Fingers
- Freshly brewed coffee, cooled (or orange juice for a summer taste)
- Fruit of your choice, an option
- Cocoa (or cinnamon for summer taste)

Separate the 10 eggs, white from yellow (or red as they call the yolks in Italy) into separate bowls. Add 10 tbsp of sugar to the yellows and mix with a wooden spoon. I learned a very important note about eggs... always stir in the same direction you started! Add a pinch of salt to the whites and blend with a mixer until foamy (or like merengue). 

Mix the Mascapone into the yellows and stir until smooth. Take one shot of rum and add to yellows. This was originally meant to weaken the overall egg taste,  so not too much or it will be too bitter. Slowly add the whites to the yellows and gently mix, from top to bottom, almost folding into one another until color is a pale yellow.

Pour the chilled coffee into pan for dipping. You can use orange juice for a more summery taste. In a baking dish, pour some of the egg batter to fill the bottom. Open the lady fingers and gently dip into the coffee, then placing on top of the egg batter. The lady fingers will fall apart easily if they are soaked too much. Repeat pouring egg batter and placing lady fingers until dish is full. You can add fruit in between the layers for additional taste. Refrigerate for two hours or so. Upon serving, shower with cocoa overtop, cinnamon for a more summer dessert!

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