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Homemade Baby Food

Posted Apr 03 2010 5:52pm

I always said that when Marcus was ready for solid food I would make it all from scratch.  Well, when we first started him with solids, I decided to try the jars first so that we could see what he liked before going gangbusters with homemade stuff.  Ahem, a couple months later I find my cupboard stocked with little jars, the baby food mill sitting idle and me feeling bad that I can’t get off my butt long enough to make my poor kid some homemade food!

So this weekend I decided enough was enough, I was going to finally make some food.  It’s not that I thought it would be hard, or even time consuming, I’ve just been dog tired lately and those little jars are awfully convenient!  Anyhow, I started with the easy stuff – apples, pears, yams – and then progressed to adding a few things to jazz the veggies up a little – broccoli and zucchini.

The first thing I learned is that a baby food mill is soooooo not necessary and in fact, way more time consuming than just using your standard ‘stick’ blender.  Everyone told me I needed a food mill, so I grabbed one off Craigslist, but man, what a time waster!  I can puree soooo much more food at one time with the stick blender, so needless the say, the food mill is back up on Craigslist again!

Anyhow, the food turned out great and I now feel all orderly and organized having my fruit and veggies frozen into handy little ice cubes and stored in Ziploc bags.  On tonight’s menu for Marcus is:

IMG_6105 Pears and yams.  That’s a bowl of freshly prepared yams I thought I’d just use instead of freezing and I’m mixing it with some of the pears.  I know, I know, the photo doesn’t make my efforts look terribly appetizing, but trust me, it tastes good! 

The second thing I learned though, is that I had forgotten that yams aren’t totally Marcus’ favorite.  Hence, the addition of the pears.  I forgot that he prefers yams when mixed with other things.  I’ll note that down for next time, or, maybe I’ll just dissolve the yam cubes into some soup for me!

Anyhow, making baby food = easy and way cheaper and I’m going to try to keep it up.  I have a great baby food cookbook that has recipes with all sorts of yummy things I hadn’t thought of like adding a bit of basil or small amounts of cinnamon to jazz up some of the foods.  I know little kiddos aren’t supposed to get things like butter, salt and sugar, but I never even thought of adding fresh things like herbs. 

Okay, okay so this has nothing to do with running or exercise or even fitness for that matter, but heck, what’s a sidelined runner to do?  Thanks for all the good wishes by the way – it’s going to be another very busy and exciting summer with #2 on it’s way!

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