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Home Tinnitus Remedies

Posted Oct 28 2010 3:09am

< p>Tinnitus is a condition that some call a ringing in the ears and it has a different affect on a number of individuals. Some people have a minor case of tinnitus and for it doesn’t truly touch their life negatively, they don’t agonize about it. However, there are those folks who have a significant issue with tinnitus as it taints everything that they do. This isn’t just a daytime issue for people since many people have trouble sleeping because of tinnitus. We must to find some tinnitus remedies to help people get their lives back.

The first one that is seeing some success with using the herbal supplements of ginkgo biloga and coenzyme for tinnitus remedies . The idea is that these supplements will advance the blood flow through your body, including your ears, and thus helping the ears receive all the nutrients that they can get. We have seen some success by using these supplements; however, it seems to be most effective on those who have only a minor case.

Aspirin is another possible remedy that may help you. There are some people who have had success with this one, but it is possbile to take too much aspirin and make the ringing worse. The dosage must be meticulously monitored if you end up trying this one. We have found that some other pain relievers don’t have the same effect as aspirin, so taking Advil or Tylenol won’t give you the equal results.

If those don’t help you, then there is further research that vitamins b, e, sesemae seeds, and folic acid are helpful with tinnitus. Another food that seems to help is pineapple. The idea behind that is that pineapple has a inclination to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The health community has been slow to respond to tinnitus as you likely already know; however, the good news is that it is getting some more interest. Those who suffer with this condition are likely to have more treatment options available as time goes on. So if you are only a minor tinnitus sufferer, the you can probably safely ignore this, but for everyone else, this will be most helpful.

Resource: Tinnitus Miracle

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