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Home Remedy: Acne Prevention and Treatment

Posted Feb 22 2010 3:13pm

Bodegon frutas

Creative Commons License photo credit: * Hibicus *

A lot of people, especially teenagers, struggle everyday with acne. It can be facial acne, chest acne or back acne. This Homemade remedies work for all types of acne.

1 – Eat non-fat or low-fat foods – Cut back on saturated fats like whole milk, butter and red meat.

2 – Eliminate partially hydrogenated fats. Avoid fired foods, chips packed snack foods and cookies that contain these fats.

3 – Avoid excessive sugar, salt and carbonated beverages.

4 – Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.

5 – Eating vegetables and fruits are necessary for good health and for keeping your skin free from acne. The vitamins contained in these foods can have a significant beneficial effect on acne.

6 – Avoid foods that increase heat in the body, spicy foods, chocolate and coffee.

7 – Don’t wash the skin with soap, which is too alkaline and debrides the acid mantle of the skin.

8- Enough sleep is a killer treatment for ache.

9 – Lemon juice wash. Apply cotton ball to face soaked in lemon juice. Let it actuate during 10 minutes then rinse with cold water.

10 – Apply uncooked honey to face and pat until sticky. Leave in place for five minutes.

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