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Home remedies for Sinus and Chest congestion

Posted Jan 14 2013 10:38am

Home remedies for Sinus and Chest congestion

Sinus Congestion

Sinus congestion is a condition in which breathing system always disturb because of lot of mucus and fluid filled up in nose cavity of human, actually human nose act as a filter so whenever some harmful particles trying entered into our body through nose with air which we use for breath nose become hurdle for them as a result human immune system in action and blood circulation become fast towards nose so the membrane of nose swelled and also for the clearness of nose from harmful foreign particles some green or yellow type of mucus is produced. in this way breathing capabilities much more decrease.

Chest Congestion

This disease much more alarming as compare to Sinus congestion because it have direct effect on our lungs and heart both are main organ of human life. in chest congestion extra amount of fluid and mucus are produced and filled up the respiratory system. Respiratory system is a breathing system actually it is away through air moving from our mouth or nose to lungs. When chest congestion is occurred mucus and fluid are become part of breathing air so breathing become short.
Home remedies for Sinus congestion


in sinus congestion nose line become inflamed and swelled so softness of membrane is much more needed that’s why steam is used. Steam is a way in which hot water is used sitting in bath room hot water shower running after this vaporise are produced these air drops of hot water inhale through nose after this nose line membrane become soft and their swelling condition also decreased and area of nose cavity also increased as a result air passage is open and breathing moving towards normal. this method is also very much beneficial for infants. new born baby mostly use nose for breathing first 2 or 3 month thats why they face much more difficulty in breathing in nasal congestion condition.

Hot tea

Hot tea also used as nasal as well as  FIFA Football World Cup 2014 Schedule. it is effectively useful for killing harmful virus and bacteria which are causing congestion. Lemon and Honey also excellent home remedies for both congestion. lemon has citric acid which killed virus and bacteria and honey produce the softness in our throat and respiratory system.


Drinking lot of water is essential in congestion particularly in chest congestion it helping in throughout unwanted mucus from our body. it also provide softness in our respiratory system.

Spicy Food

Eating spicy food is also very effective home remedy for both sinus as well as chest congestion. Actually spicy food killed unwanted bacteria and virus.

Yellow vegetables and fruits

in chest congestion use lot of yellow vegetables and fruits these fruits and vegetables have vitamin and these vitamins are helping our immune system to react against diseases much more power.

Sleeping Style

In congestion change your sleeping style always and trying elevate your head by using extra pillow in this way your breathing capabilities increased.


this is very effective in chest congestion because of walk blood supply is increased and breathing capacity increase which is helpful for chest congestion but always use a dust free way for walk.


light exercise is good for both congestion like yoga.


Ginger is very good for opening the close nose. use with hot water after boiling the water add some pieces of ginger in and drink it.

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