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Home Makeover: The Bedroom Gets a Facelift.

Posted Jan 26 2011 11:58am

Glad you guys like the office makeover !  I promise to talk about food again soon – please indulge me for one more home decorating moment.  In the last year or so, we’ve been trying to save money and look for deals – replacing our old worn out furniture with nice quality pieces one by one.  Most of our efforts so far have been concentrated in the living room

IMG_2503 (640x470)

The worst offender by far has always been our bedroom, which is probably the reason I have so few pictures of it!  Before our bedroom was up on the third floor, and the bed itself was kind of tucked into a cutout nook created by the staircase.

IMG_6206 (640x427)

The room just never really felt nice or finished, and you can sort of see in these before shots that the bookshelves were mostly empty!


So we moved the setup downstairs, but we weren’t really happy with the way it looked initially – mostly because we hated all our furniture.  Moving around things you don’t like doesn’t change the fact that you don’t like it!  Here is the initial shot of our pathetic frame-less bed, after the move.

IMG_7002 (640x427)_thumb

We didn’t have a headboard/footboard, or even a decent bed frame – just a metal one that came with our mattress and box spring set.  And since the box spring had to be tossed after an unsuccessful attempt to get it up the stairs , we’ve actually been sleeping with a piece of plywood under our mattress.  Classy.

IMG_7004 (640x427)_thumb

On the other side, we still have our picture wall up from when it was an office, so you have to ignore that for now (it will be moved).  Across from the bed was another IKEA bookshelf that I don’t really like (collects so much dust!), filled with knick knacks and other clutter. 

IMG_7003 (428x640)_thumb

We talked about looking for a big comfy chair to put in the bedroom – adding an additional work/reading space to the house and to bring a little life into the room.  On Monday night we were headed to Whole Foods, when we ended up taking the cut-through street that passes the Crate and Barrel outlet.  We decided to stop in and quickly see if they had any new chairs.  The chairs were all too big, but they had something else – something much more exciting!

Since we don’t have bedroom furniture, I’ve spent a lot of time online drooling over my favorite pieces and ways I would furnish my dream bedroom (don’t we all?).  There was a particular bedroom set at C&B called Linea that I was madly in love with.  Similar to our dining room table , it is clean, light wood – totally my style.  It is also very expensive.  When we walked into the furniture section my eyes went straight to it – the Linea dresser – in perfect condition.  Even better – 60% off!

So after almost an hour of staring at the dresser and deliberating, we shelved our discussion about the new chair, and decided we would splurge on the dresser instead.  It felt like a huge risk to buy the dresser without the bed, since the bed itself retails for $1200.  The outlet gets a lot of seating, but not nearly as much in the way of bedroom furniture and specialty items. 

We crossed our fingers that of the 50+ beds C&B carries, the Linea would be one that made it to the outlet soon.  We paid for our dresser and said we would come back (with a bigger car) the next day to pick it up.

IMG_7026 (640x405)_thumb

While we were there, I gushed to the saleswoman about my love for the Linea bedroom, and she told me they were actually in the middle of a big bedroom sale.  Any beds that came in were super discounted, but because of that – they sell almost immediately.  I gave her my phone number and told her that if a Linea bed showed up, I could be there within ten minutes.

Yesterday morning, as we were getting in the car to go get our beautiful new dresser – my phone buzzed.  It was the stock guy at C&B – my Linea bed had come in on the truck that morning.  In perfect condition.  In a queen size.  And it was $99.

My head pretty much exploded at that point.  My “only in my dreams” $1200 bed showed up the next day and was one hundred dollars – how is that even possible?  He slapped a sold sign on it for me and we raced over to C&B to claim our new set!

Back at home, all work was cast aside and massive furniture moving and assembly began.

IMG_7015 (640x417)_thumb

And so with all that crazy backstory, I can finally show you the end result.  Office before…

IMG_6197 (640x422)_thumb

Gorgeous BEDROOM after!!  We still don’t have the right things on and off the walls, but you can use your imagination to tell that it will be beautiful when it is finished.

IMG_7016 (640x421)_thumb

The dresser is SO gorgeous, and I am in love with all the light wood and clean lines.  No more dusty black bookshelf!  Part of what I liked about this collection is that it is all unfinished teak, and according to the C&B website “All of the teak is responsibly harvested from plantations working with TFT, a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible forest management.”  Sounds good to me!

IMG_7019 (640x421)_thumb

Another angle before…


And AFTER!!  We have our desktop computer set up in the bedroom so that we can watch Netflix movies and shows in bed at night.  It will look much cleaner once the picture shelves come down.

IMG_7020 (409x640)_thumb

From the corner – before…

IMG_6199 (640x427) (2)_thumb

And AFTER!  Seems kind of dark in the pictures, but it’s actually bright and sunny and wonderful.  Down the road we plan to get some nice (matching) bedding to compliment our lovely new bed.

IMG_7021 (640x419)_thumb

The lighting is better with the windows behind me.  I LOVE finally having a nice bedframe!

IMG_7022 (640x427)_thumb

Last one – before…

IMG_6202 (640x418)_thumb

And AFTER!  Can’t wait to get our pictures and wall hangings up to complete the look.

IMG_7024 (640x427)_thumb

I think that’s all the home decorating we’ll be doing for quite a while now.  Piece by piece we are really creating a space that I love more and more each day. 

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