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Home for the holiday

Posted Jul 04 2010 12:36pm

Happy 4th of July to you all! I hope you have all enjoyed the long holiday weekend. Did you see any fireworks? Enjoy some barbeque? Celebrate our country’s independence?

I am blogging from my lovely apartment in San Francisco! About a month ago, J and I decided that I would come home for the long holiday weekend. I’m so glad that I did! It was a bit of an adjustment leaving Los Angeles and returning to the Bay Area, but I have had a fabulous time in the city this weekend. I have really missed San Francisco (mostly the people I love here!), and I’m looking forward to coming back for good in a few weeks! I did my best this weekend to take LOTS of pictures, so this post will be mostly photo-filled.

My weekend started on Thursday night when my guys came to pick me up at the airport. My guys: J, my dad, and Chip, our family dog. They’re the best guys a gal could ask for! It was so great to see these familiar, loving faces at SFO after a long afternoon of travel.

Love my guys!

On Friday, I slept in (8:30–yes!) and went for a run as soon as I woke up.

What a difference between L.A. and San Francisco! In L.A., I’ve been running in shorts and a tank-top because it is just so darn hot. On Friday, as you can see, I wore calf-length running tights, and two long-sleeved shirts, plus gloves. It was freezing here! It warmed up a bit later in the day, but I was so cold on my run. My body was also pretty tired and sore, and I didn’t have my best run. Still, afterwards I looked down and saw some not-too-shabby stats on my Garmin:

Not my best, but not terrible either! I felt good about running an average 9:05 mile even when I didn’t feel 100%. After my run, I enjoyed a delicious egg-white + spinach + mushroom (local and organic–the best!) scramble, with fresh strawberries and blueberries on the side. It was the perfect way to start off the day!

Delicious breakfast!

After breakfast, I walked over to my parent’s house and caught a bit of the Uruguay-Ghana game with my dad. It was so nice to hang out with him! My mom is away this weekend and I miss her so much, but it was great to catch up with my dad and have a partner for the World Cup. It was a heartbreaker of a match!

On Friday night, J took me out for a celebratory, patriotic dinner at one of our favorite restaurant/wine bars, Eos . My parents took us here to celebrate their wedding anniversary in September, and J and I have come a few times since on our own. We always have a fabulous meal at Eos, and last night didn’t disappoint. During the meal, we split a half-bottle of a delicious New Zealand sauvignon blanc, Ponga. It may be one of my new favorite wines! Eos has a great wine list, and we always enjoy something tasty here. You can’t see it well, but the napkin holders are little wine bottles!

We also enjoyed…

Roasted sweet corn soup (vegan) with basil oil (which we’ve been dreaming about since!)

Blue lake beans with lots of spices

Ahi tuna tower with miso and ginger

We also split a delicious clay-pot roasted chicken dish (no picture). The meal was fabulous!

After Eos

Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely walk back to our apartment, and then we watched one of my all-time favorite movies, Love Actually. The perfect ending to a wonderful day of vacation!

On Saturday morning, J and I woke up early and hit the Coastal trail! Our only request for the whole weekend was a hike on the Coastal Trail. It is my favorite hike in San Francisco, and recently I’ve started running parts of it. I didn’t take any photos yesterday, but you can see some good ones of the trail here . We hiked from Ocean Beach all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so beautiful and sunny in the city yesterday!

After a relaxing afternoon, we walked over to my parents’ house for some grilling action. What would a 4th of July weekend be without grilling? My dad fired up the grill, and J and I got to chopping. We made: grilled chicken breasts, peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, peaches, and pineapple. It was a fabulous, fun meal, and I even tried my hand at grilling for the first time!

Mistress of the grill!

Veggies galore!


Chicken and fruit

After a delicious, healthy (blog-worthy!) dinner, we headed to the Rrazz Room downtown to see one of our favorite local jazz singers, Kim Nalley . The show was incredible, and we all had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for the special treat, Dad!

This morning, J and I slept in, ate a delicious breakfast (mine was very patriotic: yogurt with strawberries and blueberries!), and headed to our favorite Sunday morning stop: our local Farmers Market! Right after we moved in to our apartment, a new FM opened up half a block away from us. We buy the bulk of our weekly produce at the FM, and it is (almost) always delicious. We are especially excited that stone fruit is now in season! We love peaches, apricots, nectarines…all summer fruits! Today, we bought:

–stone fruit (all of the above)

I love free samples!

We have plans to make a FM-inspired dinner tonight with the tilapia, potatoes, asparagus, and a corn-tomato-black bean-salsa. Also on the menu for tonight: a peach crisp using this recipe ! I can’t wait for our special 4th of July home-cooked meal.

This has been a really wonderful, relaxing weekend, and I’m so happy that I spent it in San Francisco. I’m heading back down to Los Angeles tomorrow, and while I will be sad to leave my city, I’m definitely looking forward to finishing up my fellowship. Only three more weeks! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

How did you spend your 4th of July weekend? What are some of your favorite summer traditions?

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