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Holiday Travels.

Posted Nov 23 2010 12:04pm

I decided my hair had been looking really dull and lifeless recently in pictures, so I ran down to CVS this morning and bought an $8 box of hair dye (criminal, I know).  My hair is naturally very dark, but every now and then I decide it needs a little more spark. 

I ended up getting distracted by my inbox and let the mixture sit on my hair about 15 minutes longer than recommended – whoops.  Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like jet black hair, right?  :)

IMG_4317 (427x640)

After that little episode, it was time to take the dogs for a morning walk.  I never walk with my camera, but it is SO beautiful right now that I thought I’d bring it along to show you guys all the wonderful scenery just outside our front door.  Halloween is out…

IMG_4315 (640x427)

Gorgeous fall leaves are IN!

IMG_4295 (427x640)

They are starting to drop more and more every day – trying to enjoy them while they are here!

IMG_4297 (640x427)

A few block to the east, we hit WATER.  This is the bank of the Potomac River – my absolute favorite place to walk. 

IMG_4296 (427x640)

IMG_4301 (640x427)

IMG_4299 (427x640)

(Huey’s twin brother?)

IMG_4309 (640x427)

A few weeks ago we bought our flights for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We ended up paying an astronomical amount, and had to book them out of the Baltimore airport which will be a nightmare to drive to in DC holiday traffic.  Imagine my surprise yesterday when (on a whim), I looked at flights on Expedia to suddenly see options that were $300 cheaper, out of the airport that is 4 miles from my house.  NOT happy.

IMG_4302 (640x427)

So I called up Delta and made a switch.  I had to pay $300 in rebooking fees, but there was a $300 difference in fares too – so in the end we paid the exact same amount to go out of the airport that is a ten minute train ride away.  Plus we are going a day early – and leaving TONIGHT!

IMG_4303 (640x427)

The only drawback is leaving these guys.  I am sick with nerves about their first trip to the kennel.  Gave them an extra long walk and more snuggles than usual.  Leaving them makes me so anxious.

IMG_4294 (427x640)

But the extra day in Atlanta leaves us more time with family, and I learned the hard way this weekend that short visits are too hard and too emotional.

IMG_4305 (640x427)

I’m excited to see all of Casey’s big, wonderful family.  There should be lots of good (healthy) food to look forward to.  I’ve heard rumors of vegan kale, a quinoa side dish, and vegan desserts – we are spoiled!

IMG_4306 (640x427)

And as soon as we are back, I know CHRISTMAS will be waiting for us!

IMG_4310 (423x640)

The lights are all lit up in Old Town, and I literally squealed out loud when I saw them for the first time.  It is definitely the most wonderful time of the year.

IMG_4312 (640x427)

Off to pack my bags and get going!  Safe travels to everyone these next few days.

IMG_4314 (640x427)

See you in Atlanta! 

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