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Ho Ho Hold the Calories this season!

Posted Dec 08 2009 3:23pm

Weight Watchers© statistics indicate that Americans gain between 5 to 10 lbs on average, in the last three months of the year. Shocking? Not really when you consider the lifestyle choices we make during the fall and winter - heartier meals, less outdoor activities, holiday parties. So how do you avoid the sticker shock of that mid January weigh in? One word: PREVENTION. Below are tips for avoiding holiday weight gain:

1. Eat before you go. This is the number one rule for grocery shopping and holiday parties. Those cheesy puff balls on greasy crackers will look a lot less appetizing when you’ve had a light salmon and rice dinner beforehand.

2. Remember this: Eggnog is only for the severely malnourished. Never, ever, drink it. If you become seduced by its sweet scent of cinnamon and nutmeg, stuff your nostrils with the cheese doodles. One glass of eggnog is about 400 calories, 56% saturated fat. Add some rum and holiday fruitcake and you have the daily caloric intake of a small village. Just say no. If you absolutely must - insist on the "light" version.

3. There’s going to be a lot of sofa surfing at Grandma’s over the holidays, so get your gym time in now. Add five extra workouts to your routine this month. Whatever works for you: schedule them in your daytimer and stick to it. Drop in yoga, five sessions with a personal trainer, or take the kids skating, skiing or sledding.

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Dr. Larry Ohlhauser
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