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Hitting the pavement...literally

Posted Jul 20 2012 12:50pm
I just spent a lovely 8 days up at the cabin but am now back at home.  I have bags and bins all around that I still have to unpack.  Swimming trunks, sandals and beach toys all need to be cleaned, photos need to be downloaded and piles of laundry are slowly getting done.  More importantly, I have tons of blogs and Twitter to get caught up on!  I am slowly catching up on reading blogs, but also have lots to write about myself.

My vacation started off with a bit of bang on Tuesday night.  My husband usually works pretty late but last Tuesday he got home kind of early so I decided to ditch the treadmill and head outside to hit the pavement and get my run done.  I just didn't realize when I went out that I'd be hitting the pavement literally!

I decided to go north from my house and run along a route that I used to do all the time when I first started running.  Nice downhill in the middle but an equal uphill right at the end.  About 3km into the run I decided to try a slight variation and headed down a little trail that I had never run on before.  It kind of cut diagonal across a large undeveloped piece of property and I expected it to just pop out on the next street up.

The trail was paved but part way along, went to gravel and through some bushes.  It kind of weaved around behind some townhouses and through some wooded area.  It was really pretty.  As I approached a little wooden bridge over a creek that I had no idea was there, I thought to myself what a lovely run I was having.  Ahh, smell that fresh air.  Listen to that little creek babble and the birds singing.  It was kind of running utopia, then all of a sudden, boof!  I was flying through the air!

And then thud!  I hit the ground flat on my front with my knees hitting the ground first.  Ouch!  I was kind of stunned!  I just totally tripped and wiped out.  I suppose it was likely pretty entertaining for anyone who saw, but instantly I thought crap, what if I just injured myself...

I jumped up and surveyed the damage...

I know, I know.  It doesn't look like much.  I scraped both of my knees, cut my thigh, road rash on my palms and scratched my iPod pretty good.  At the time it didn't hurt too badly so I tried a few steps and kept on running.  I was still kind of stunned as I have never fallen on a run before!  Guess there really is a first time for everything.

Shortly after, I found that feeling of running utopia again as I ran across this cool pedestrian bridge and started to enjoy my run again.

When I got home I regaled my husband with my tripping escapade and he laughed pretty hard.  It so wasn't a big fall but those two scraped knees hurt so much for the week following.  Every time I'd bend my knees the scabs would crack and open again!  Ouch!  I got quite a few funny questions and funny looks from our friends at the cabin since in addition to the scraped both knees were bruised pretty good.  I looked just like a little kid with scraped knees.

Anyhow, I survived the incident and now have two lovely circular scars on my knees to prove it.  Great.  It was a great run with a very big low point in the middle, but it was a good start to my vacation.  It felt good to get the run out of the way since I was going to be leaving bright and early the next morning.

Next up: running crazy hills at the cabin and two very exciting pieces of good news!
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