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Hip Hip Hooray!

Posted Nov 17 2009 12:00am
One more thing....well HUGE thing for me, I am now published!!! My paper was accepted into Biochemistry! Wooot! Nerd note: We showed that you can successfully attach any drug to an antibody (at one defined location) and not interfere with the antibody's function. Antibodies are proteins that are super specific to certain things, meaning they bind only those things. This is how vaccines work. When you receive a dead form of a virus your body makes antibodies against the virus so that if you are ever infected with the live virus in the future you already have antibodies "ready for combat". Well in our lab we design antibodies that bind and kill cancer cells (and not healthy cells). Part of my PhD thesis is to improve antibodies by making them more potent, i.e. attaching a drug to them....and hence my paper!

Have a good night everyone!!

Image of antibody binding a cancer cell

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