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Highlights of the Week, Show Date & Details, Loving Lifting, The Secret

Posted Apr 24 2010 6:24pm
Hi Bloggie Friends!  How's your weekend going so far?  Mine got off to a great start by getting a some time in at the gym.  I am absolutely loving lifting and what it's been doing for my body, and it's really only been a month since I started Training for Fitness Competitions !  I love feeling that rush when I lift (heavy) weights.  But the other side to it is that I am doing something that just a month ago, couldn't have imagined that I would love so much!   And it's been great for my confidence because I love the way my new found muscles look and I have a whole different set of muscles that have popped out compared to my decade's worth of yoga muscles. 

It's been cool to watch it happen and I love it and can't wait to see how my body keeps changing.  It's not my goal to "get big".  Rather, my goal is to continue to create even more definition, stay very lean, and just get really cut without being bulky.  I think most women probably identify with the cut but lean and not bulky goal.  I am 5'11" and fear looking like a she-male if I were to ever get "big.  I do not ever want to be one of those women that cause men to say, "oh that chick looks like she could beat me up."  No, cringe.  Not going for that look.  Plus, I am not chugging a dozen egg whites for breakfast so really, there's not much chance of me becoming "too big" on a plant-based diet!  Defined, yes.  Huge, probably not.

And I am extremely proud to announce that I have a Show Date: June 5, 2010 here in Phoenix!!!  It's a Natural Bodybuilding Show, and I am entering in the Bikini Class!  I have known for a couple weeks I was going to enter the show, but I held off on going public with the news.  However, I can't contain my excitement any longer and want to share the super exciting news with you!  

Unlike athletes and competitors who have to "cut" or "diet down" or drastically manipulate their diets, I don't and I won't.  I also don't take supplements, am not big on the Protein Powders as Discussed, and so really, other than lifting and training like a maniac, I don't plan to make any other drastic day-to-day changes. 

I have been on the hunt for a Competition Bikini to Wear in the Show and for those of you who are not familiar, the suits worn for shows can easily be a couple hundred onwards of well over a thousand dollars!  Many girls have their suits custom-made and many have rhinestones and hand-made details that add up, so I am beginning the search for my "The Perfect Suit".  If I am going to all this work to sculpt my physique and am putting in hundreds of hours of training and living and eating a totally clean diet and lifestyle (which I would do though regardless), the Suit can Make or Break Your Show and How the Judges evaluate you, so it's very important to choose wisely!    Then there's shoes, jewelry, accessories, tanning, and I will still have plenty "to do" after I find The Suit, but that's Step One.

One aspect of life that has changed a bit is that with my increased training and gym time, there are  less hours in the day for computer time.  Plus I find that I require more sleep, at least 6.5 hours a night up from about 4.5 or 5 hours, and so I do have less overall time on my computer.  But I always say Live More Real Life, Less Blog Life, and so I am following my own advice a bit and I am happy about that!

Time to Start the Highlights of the Week in Food and Life and Give More Recipe Links, Less Commentary, to the best of my long-winded abilities!

If you missed last week's Highlights of the Week check those out, too.   

I Found Money
And Discussed Blogging Frequency & Content and You Told Me What you Thought about Taking a Day or Two Off From Blogging Every Week

And Also Told me What Content you Enjoy on My Blog and on Other Blogs What Keeps You Going Back & Reading

Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn
We Talked about PB2 .  
PB2 , Recipes and Way You Use It , and If you Like it Or Not
It's "fine", it's not like real Peanut Butter , but it passes.

For those of you who are waiting on backorders, just enjoy regular PB in the meantime or if you do protein powder, buy some that is Peanut Butter Flavored and just mix with a drop of water Vegan Protein Cookie Dough Style. 
Or if you make Vegan Protein Cookie Dough then just add some PB to it.  

My Trainer Session & My New Measurements & Numbers .  You Told me If You Pay Attention to Numbers or Measure Yourself .  Why or Why Not?

Skylar's First Necklace

 She feels like such a "Big Girl" with her new bling.   
Banana Cinnamon Raisin Oats
I prefer my oats to be of the Overnight Chocolate Brownie Protein Oats Variety that I store first in the fridge, then the freezer.  Makes them like a dense, refrigerated "brownie" that way!
Additional Tips Here

Blisters Happened .  And You Gave me Your Blister Prevention Tips & RemediesTo Pop or Not to Pop? 
Clearly not even my New Gloves could protect me from Blisters on my Hands
Check My Gym Workouts Tab for all the great workouts I've been doing.  Apparently they must have been a little too good as I developed some blisters on both hands.  

Gym Session and New Pics
Couple of the Pics and there's More Here
I want to get really deep cuts in my abs.  The only way I am going to get there is Hard Work, Clean Diet, Lift, Yoga, Rest, Repeat No shortcuts, no complaining, will not stop til I have what I want. Nothing Worth Really Having is Easy, right!  I feel like I'm doing pretty good, but there is always more to achieve!
Pool With Skylar
Edamame Salad
Talked about Soy and How Much Soy I Can Eat :

I do have trace soy in my life, in say Jokerz Bars so I am not soy-free, just very soy minimal or "light".
And Sesame Ginger Maple Tofu

Dessert was Nature's Candy : Medjool Dates with PB in the Middle
You Told me Your Fave Places to Buy Dried Fruit
Because of How Skeeved I am About Bulk Bins , I don't buy anything from them.   

Some Mold or E.Coli for you on those raisins that everyone touched already? 
If You Missed my Hazards of Bulk Bins Post , you may want to peruse it.
And there was more Follow Up Discussion the Next Day in This Post

More Dessert...
No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls with Extra Protein Option
Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate
Do You Wear It?  Why or Why Not?   I told you Many of the Reasons Why I Don't Wear It .  

Coconut Oil Uses
As a Moisturizer and For Your Hair
Ever Tried it on Your Hair or Skin ?
Wednesday :
A Huge and Popular Post, judging from The Comments , thanks everyone for your feedback!  I talked about raising a child and making choices for my family that are not conventional, not mainstream, but that work for us and that we are happy with.

What to Say To Nay-Sayers and Critics if they Disagree with You Choices, including Your Dietary Choices , i.e "The Vegan Critics" 
For instance, I am a high raw vegan, and that dietary path unfolded for me largely based on food allergies and intolerances.  Once I realized this path works for me and that I feel optimally this way, then it's easy to keep doing what works.  If you want answers to the most common questions people ask me about food allergies and high raw veganism, check out This Post .

If you want to read about my shift from Veganism for Health Reason to also Veganism for Compassionate Reasons , See This Post

Making Our Own Choices Including Non-Mainstream Choices
Back to parenting choices and choices in general, I believe as long as one's decisions are well-researched, and one's motives are carefully and comprehensively examined as well as re-visiting the decisions you once made to make sure they still "fit" for your situation, I strongly support alternative choices such as: 
alternative vaccination schedules, including not vaccinating
co-sleeping or bed-sharing
extended nursing (I am a certified lactation counselor and am extremely passionate about nursing!  Skylar just turned 3 years and recently self-weaned)
cloth diapering or elimination communication
homeschooling or unschooling
Attachment Parenting practices
And the list goes on and on...
Not Defending & Explaining Ourselves
I don't feel the need to "convince", change, or "save the world" anymore.  Nor defend my choices.   I love being in charge of my own life and the autonomy I have over my own choices; and, I love that everyone gets to be in charge of their choices!  The freedom of choice, it's a beautiful thing!  Do what works, For You!  I have posted about why I refuse to defend or "explain myself" and my choices and what to say or how to deal with the naysayers regarding your dietary path.  That's covered here .
I used to waste energy and get all riled up and try to help someone who didn't understand my choices, "see the light".  But now, I just smile, nod, share what I do, and if they ask questions, I answer them succinctly, without emotion, and move on.  There is no point in wasting my precious energy that I should be giving to myself, my own well-being, or my family's well being trying to "save" or "convince" others.  I lead by example, not by words.  
The proof is in the (chocolate chia seed) pudding
Intuitive Eating & Kids Making Healthy Choices
In This Post I mentioned that Skylar had free access to "treats", some cinnamon sugar coated pretzels, but only chose a few bites
  She seemed to like the 3 pebbles pretzels she chose to have.  But then was done and wanted apple slices.
And in This Post , she Chose Books over Candy
I believe that if you give kids choices, and access to things, and don't squelch their ability to eat intuitively at this tender age, that they will eat "good" foods, by and large.  I mean, who wouldn't choose a piece of juicy, fresh fruit over a dry packaged cracker or highly processed foods?  Well I guess that's a silly question because looking at the number of unhealthy people, clearly many people are choosing Twinkies over Raw Veggies.  And I am a fan of Sweets and Desserts, but it's just one small part of my life; I'd say 95% of my diet is wholesome foods.

For me, healthy food tastes great and it's easy for me to "choose" the healthy option and Skylar seems to do the same.  I don't provide Twinkies in the house, but I also don't shun or "forbid" sugar, fat, or desserts, the kind I make of course which are high raw vegan, and she seems to take a few bites of desserts, but then she's done.  For More about my Thoughts on Intuitive Eating and if making Healthy Food Choices come Naturally or Easily, Click Here

Raw Vegan Kale Chips
(Note: This Kale Chip Recipe is Also Found in my Nooch Recipes )

They're like little Trees of Noochey Goodness
Get a load of that vegan cheezy action baked right in!

High Raw Vegan Dessert Recipes such as:

Nut Butter Filled Caramel Bites
And Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookie Balls
And Chocolate Recipes !
Vegan Fudge-10 Minute No-Bake Recipe, Gluten/Soy/Tree-Nut Free
5 Minute & 4 Ingredient Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Finally, I asked if you Over Explain Yourself or Constantly Defend Yourself ?  And I explained why I think you Should Stop Doing It !

And I asked you, How much are you "your own person" and just make your choices and say Who Cares! to what others may think? 

The were Amazing, I hope you Can Read a Few of them! 

Winner Announcement: Custom Jewelry Necklace Give Away!!!

  Click Here to See Who Won!!!!!!

Earth Day and I tried to Rack Up a Few More Points for Katie and Lori's Earth Week Challenge that I mentioned Here
Shopping & Whole Foods Finds
 A Batch of Vegan Slaw Dressing using the Reduced Fat Veganaise  And Taste Verdict
 I Discussed Fats :  In Salad Dressing vs In Chocolate.  Guess which way I Prefer my Fats ?

Received Box of 8 Go Max Go Foods Bars
I was Already a Huge Jokerz Bar Fan from This Post

Green Food was another Edamame Salad

This one was Romaine, Edamame, and Tomatoes

Neat or Messy
Anal or Not?  Lots of Type A Neat Freaks but some Messy Souls, too.  Betcha can't guess What I Am ?

Jillian Michaels
I have never watched the Biggest Loser and I have also never really understood the hype behind Jillian but I also didn't "know" her, either.  But I read up on her life and past. 

I didn't know she forged a college diploma to get a job, was an overweight preteen and adolescent, or that she's been in loving relationships with both men and women.   She also said that she would like to adopt because she couldn't imagine gaining pregnancy weight and that she's like to "rescue" a baby.  Wow, is adoption "rescuing"?  I thought it was providing a loving life and home to a child, something which all children should have and be entitled to from birth but I digress.  I also know there was some bru-ha-ha surrounding her awhile back about some supplements she was endorsing.
Are you a Jillian Fan or Not?  And do you think she's in "Amazing" Shape?  Or Not? 
I enjoyed learning more about her and I did enjoy some of what she had to say, but some parts, hmmm, not so much.   What are Your Thoughts on Jillian?  I know there are some die-hard fans of hers.  What appeals to you about her or her DVDs?  Why is this woman so popular?  She also said she plans to be the Next Oprah by 2012. 

Everyone's Comments About Her Were So Diverse From She's Awesome to She's AwfulClick Here to See What Everyone said!  

My Thoughts and To Follow Up On That Discussion...
I respect women who don't want to have children, and honestly I never thought I wanted a baby until my clock started thumping ticking about age 28, but to say that the reason you don't want to have a child is because you don't want to gain weight, well that makes me cringe!  It may be honest and I appreciate the honesty, and I know many women feel this way, but it's such a sad commentary on society, then.  And then, truly don't have a baby until you're in a better place with things as the child will need unconditional love and if you're more worried about the weight gain than the child you gain, then not having a biological child is wise.  Lots of you love her workouts, which are probably fabulous, it's the rest that's sigh-worthy to me.   But hey, this is a "food" blog so I will move on. 

Yoga Today is Marichyasana B

Gym & Weights Workout Today Day 5 Split -  Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps

Tip of the Day: My Coconut Oil Give Away
On the Entry Form I Reminded You About So Many Recipes I Use Coconut Oil In.

Click Here to Enter!!!!!!!

1. What Are Your Plans for the Rest of the Weekend?
I need to really Start Studying & Reading my Personal Trainer Books and do some Swim Suit Research for my Show!   And I definitely need to get in some Chaise Lounge Time at the Pool!  Gotta get that tan going!  And of course, just spend time with my family and get some R & R!
What are your Plans?

2. Have You Ever Taken Up a Hobby or Sport that you really are surprised by how much you enjoy it?
When I started doing yoga 10 years ago, long before it became as widespread and popular as it is now, I had no idea I would fall in love with it on every level.  And recently, I had no idea I'd fall in love with lifting on all levels from the physical strength I've gained to the emotional tenacity and perseverance it takes to stick with it to the psychological confidence boost it's given me.  It's been great for me and I had no idea! 
Same with Blogging...when I started, I had no idea I'd Love to Blog and share my Recipes and Life Story (and as I said Here , my Blog is a Reflection of My Life and My Life is More than "Just Recipes") but that sharing this with everyone has been so fun!  And I had no idea that I'd make such amazing friends from this hobby, but I have and it's awesome!
What Have You Taken Up that You Love or that You're Passionate About?

3. Are You Having Nice Weather?
It was 90F on Monday, then Tuesday-Friday it was 60F and now it's back up to a breezy 80F that doesn't feel like 80F because it's so windy.  But I'll take it.  To the pool hopefully tomorrow!
How's Your Weather?  Any outdoor plans?

4. Do You Believe in The Secret If you're not familiar with it, I will paraphrase it by saying that the author suggests that what you put out is what you will attract.  Meaning, if I really want to do well in my fitness show, then I need to put out, I Will Do Well. I Will Succeed.  That type of thing. 

And that if we put out negative energy that that's what we will get back.  i.e. I am ugly and no one will ever want me.  And if that's the energy you put out, you're probably right, no one will want you. 

I do believe that the power of intentions and energy is huge!  I put out a few things to the Universe the past week, and although they are not "big things" in the scheme of life, I offered them up, with great intentions and positive affirmations and thoughts, and I had some very cool and awesome results.   The mantra, ask and you shall receive?  It happened big time for me which was great!

However, I believe there are limits with everything and sometimes outcomes are just outcomes.   They have nothing to do with anything else and you just can't read more into it.   I have posted Here on Luck as well as This Post .

Are you Familiar with The Secret ?  Do You Believe in the Power of Thoughts and What They Can Attract?

Stay Tuned For A Super Cool Thing that I did Over the Weekend...

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