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Highlights of the Week, Shopping, Spending Money, Going Out, Mottos

Posted May 08 2010 11:26am
Hi Friends!  How's Your Weekend Going?  First off, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!!!  You all know you are doing the most important, and hardest, but most fulfilling work in the entire world.  I praise you for all that you do, for loving your children, for giving of yourself selflessly and heartlessly to your families! heartlessly, And I praise for wiping tears, boogers, and butts, for spending most of the first five years of your child's life getting less sleep that you ever thought was possible but having a fuller heart than you ever thought was possible. 

They say that you just can't understand how much you will love, love, love your child or to truly understand the amazing gift that is motherhood or parenthood until you live it and do it, and you're right, you can't know til you live it.  So, Mother to Mother, I want to thank you all the moms for all the love you give and the job you do.   Our work matters, we are shaping the world as we do the work of raising the next generation with love and kindness:  Happy Mother's Day!

I am in a super good mood today!  Why?   I spent some time on Friday clothes shopping and in the past 4 years (pregnancy and early motherhood), I have spent very, very little money on my wardrobe.  You probably wonder why I am always wearing the same things in my photographs.  Well, it's because I am!  So I was really excited to find a couple sassy dresses to wear out and they were extremely budget-friendly.  Which brings me to that: I am going out tonight!  This is "big" in my world because we never go out anymore, but as I mentioned, some friends of ours are in town and we are meeting them out a house party.  Skylar is coming with since we don't have a babysitter and apparently there are going to be a couple other kids there, so no drinking for me and no crazy antics staying out til 5am for Scott and I.   Nothing like our old life...haha!

I have only drank once in past four years:  My Peach Pina Colada in Aruba

It's not a biggie that I won't be imbibing tonight, plus it's not the best for fitness training purposes.  I am just stoked to wear my new dress!  I actually found two, so I even have "options"So important you know to have options because you never know how you'll feel at crunch time getting ready time.

Moving along to Recap the Week's Highlights in Life and Food.  Here's Last Week's Highlights of the Week if you missed it.  And let's get Started with This Past Week's Highlights

Highlights of the Week

San Diego Trip Recap
Touchy Travelers & Personal Space

On my crowded flight home from San Diego, the man next to me on the flight kept positioning his body, the side of his shoulders, elbows, and arms, so that they were draping on me and touching me.  I place a high value on personal space and boundaries and did a post on Touchy (Yoga) Teachers in the past, too.  Click Here

What do you do when someone on a flight or movie theater is hogging the armrest, or worse yet, their shoulders are not only brushing yours, but they are resting their body weight on you?  Does it creep you out?  If you couldn't move and were "trapped" in the seat, what would you tell the person, and how?  Click Here to See What Everyone Said...Most everyone seemed to hate Close Talkers, i.e. Seinfeld style

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Softserve

Banana Vanilla Softserve

And I've made Peanut Butter Soft Serve
For Recipe, Click Here

Mango BananaVanilla Softserve

Raw Vegan Almond Butter Cookie Balls
 For the Recipe and Step-by-Step Directions, Click Here .
Super Easy Recipe , 5 Minutes to Make, Raw Vegan Gluten & Soy Free.  Crowd Pleaser!
Green Food: an Edamame Salad with Romaine, Tomatoes, Cukes, and Broccoli
Dressed With Vegan Slaw Dressing using the Reduced Fat Veganaise
 I'm Loving This Combo lately!   Need Vegan Protein Ideas ?  Click Here

Hanumanasana ChallengeWell, I wouldn't really call it a challenge, but more of a set of tips for getting into the splits .

Hanumanasana (Monkey Pose, or the full splits)
And Utthita Hasta Padangustasana , (The Standing Splits)

Email Blunders
Have you ever sent an email to someone accidentally that they were never supposed to see?  And if your luck is like mine, the email that was accidentally sent was not exactly "harmless".  Far from it.  What was the fallout or the person's reaction? Scott is the King of doing this!  I have never been the recipient of an unintentional send, either.  Have you?  Here's What Everyone Said

Trainer Session & Progress Pics
I saw my trainer who's training me for my Natural Bodybuilding Show .  I don't see him very often, just every other week or so, but it's nice to have someone to bounce things off.  I don't see him for "training" per se, although of course he's awesome for helping me with my Workout Splits but I need help on things such as posing, turning, tanning advice, info about the schedule on the day of the show ...that kind of stuff. 

The last time I saw my trainer , which was 15 days ago, he measured my body fat percentage and lean muscle mass, among other things.  Back then I asked you how much you care about numbers, measurements, your weight on the scale , and if you care, or not?  Check out This Post for everyone's opinions.  Good stuff.

This Week my Numbers Changed for the Better: Here are my most Recent Numbers and Stats!   

And I'm doing it the Vegan Protein Way without stressing out about "Getting Enough" Protein or consuming very much engineered Vegan Protein Powder at all!

As I mentioned here , I am loving lifting for the confidence it's giving me, among other things.  Most of all though, I am having such a ball training!  It's really exciting for me to be doing this and I see this as a life path, not a flash in the pan.

For those of you who asked how Lifting is Impacting My Yoga, I discussed it Here

No Bake Vegan PB Coconut Oil Protein Bars
 Can see the Peanut Butter woven into the inside of the bar here?  oh yeah, baby!

Kale Chips
Brad's Raw Chips in This Post
I love My Own Raw Vegan Kale Chips (Recipe Here) because I don't use garlic or salt, and I give my Review of Brad's Chips Here

 My Little Kale Trees of Noochey Goodness
Get a load of that vegan cheezy action ( nooch !) baked right into My Raw Vegan Kale Chips !   And you don't need a dehydrator, oven baking instructions are included. 

Skylar liked the Brad's Chips.  And apparently she was all jazzed up on natural energy from the kale!  She danced around the house non-stop!  You All told me If You Like to Dance or Not ?
Whoa, Nelly.  Who gave that child some sugary jelly beans?  Kidding.  Must be the kale!
 She's full of energy, smiles, and a big happy heart!

If you missed my post on Healthy Eating for Kids , Making Non-Mainstream Choices , and why I refuse to "defend" any of my choices including the way we're raising Skylar, Check This Post

Also, for More about my Thoughts on Intuitive Eating and if making Healthy Food Choices come Naturally or Easily, Click Here

Green Food: Romaine, Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas, Tomatoes, Carrot, Cukes

 With some Yellow Mustard Squirted over the top.  I use no-sodium added Westbrae brand.

 Vegan Cinnamon Toast Toffee From Chocolate Inspirations that I reviewed in This Post
Great Vegan Toffee and I love the chunky sugar on top!  Buttery-tasting like toffee should be, but it's vegan. 

I posted New Progress Pictures in my Gym Workouts Tab!!!
Here's a Couple....
Click Here to See More New Pictures

Do You Think I'm Ready for My ShowMy trainer does, yay!!!   But of course I will work my heart out til the Big Day !

Why Do You Exercise ?
Do you do pursue physical fitness and athletic activities for more than the physical benefit?  Do you find emotional or spiritual benefit or release?  
I do enjoy the physical benefits of exercise and the health benefits for my physical body but for my mental health and emotional well-being, I love to move and do exercise.  It's the soul-clearing and energizing powers of exercise that keeps me coming back.
Does any of this ring true for you?  Or do you just workout to burn your 300 calories and that's that?  Click Here to Read the Responses!

What's Your Favorite Store-Bought Chocolate ?  I loved what you all had to say !

Or do you like to Make your Own Chocolate?

  Winners Announcement: NuNaturals Stevia Give Away!!

On the Entry Form I Gave You Some of My Recipe Ideas Using Stevia

Click Here to See who the Four Winners Were!  Maybe you won!

Blogger Meetup
And a few pics of us from our prevous meetup since there was a camera malfunction on Wednesday.
Similar to our last meetup , it was balls out blazing hot out, about 96F in the shade, so we stayed indoors.   

Skylar was wound up like a clock!
Have you had any Blogger Meetups?   Who's your Dream Blogger Meetup Date?   I am always up for meeting new people and pretty much anyone on my Blogroll or who's Blog I read, I'd love to meet in person!

Confronting Hurtful Comments
I got a comment on this post and normally I hit Delete to the nastygrams, but I decided to leave this one up so you all could get a load of this one.  It's still in comments section , about halfway down:

From Abbey:
I have been debating whether to post or not...I guess I can't help myself. I am not a regular reader of your blog but I check it out every few weeks or so. I have noticed that you seem to eat the same things, with very little variation. If you are proposing living a healthy lifestyle, why is this the case? Do you feel that it is the best thing for your body to eat the same things every day, these veggie slaws with little balls of "dessert"? I am actually quite shocked that you feel you need to lose inches off of your waist, and you are activly seeking this transformation. Why? Do you consider yourself unfit? I am not in any way trying to come off as though I am attacking you, I just get concerned when I see others treating themselves unkindly. I wish you the best and I hope you have a long and healthy life. There are many pleasures to be had in life and sometimes you have to throw all the "rules" out the window in pursuit of happiness.

My Reply that I emailed to her and also posted it in the comments section.
It's the type of thing, I could write a novel, and I fired it off fairly quickly after she left the comment, and after pondering on it for the last 18 hours, I could of course come up with all kinds of snappy comebacks, but this is what I wrote back to her.  Surprise, surprise, she hasn't written back
I am not sure how to respond to this email, but yes, I definitely feel attacked. That's what happens when someone puts some (not all) of their life out for the world to see. People such as yourself come out of the woodwork and under the guise of "concern" make judgments about me and my choices. I don't post everything I eat. I have posted recently about this. Since you dont read my blog regularly, you may have missed this. But my blog is not a food journal or diary. Never was, never will be. It's more about LIFE. Including the fact that I have all kinds of awesome and amazing things happening in my life right now that have to do with motherhood, my fitness endeavors, I just signed a big contract, and scads of other things I don't even blog about.

What do you blog about? What's the name of your blog? I would love to "can't help myself" and march over and leave a comment on yours, not "attacking you" of course.

I consider myself EXTREMELY fit which is why I am competing in a fitness competition! It's a goal. I'm training for it.

I have tons of pleasures in my life. Not sure what rules you think I need to throw out the window. I have posted and linked extensively to my food allergies and why I eat the way I do. They aren't arbitrary rules, they are based on I feel best when I eat a high raw vegan diet. Period.

I admit that I am very frustrated by your email. It makes me wonder why I blog, honestly. To get this type of thing in my inbox? Oh the joy.

So for anyone who wants to know What Blogging Really Entails , You can Check This Post .  But that post doesn't adequately warn you about readers who feel it's within their scope and privilege to jump on those of us who blog honestly, and from the heart and give their two cents.

I have posted here on Unsolicited Advice

And I posted here about Why I Refuse to "Defend" My Choices
This post is full of great tidbits for how to handle negative people and naysayers if you missed it.

And for those of you who are not familiar with my High Raw, All Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Light Dietary Path, largely because of Food Allergies, you can Read Up on the Nasty Symptoms that plague me if I stray from this pathIncluding anaphalactic shock and death if I were to eat shellfish.  Of course, I am also a Vegan for Compassion , See Here .

So the point is that my food choices are not arbitrary ; they are very well-researched and through trial and error, and 30 years of work, I have found what works for me: plants!  And I'm not sorry if that looks "boring" or inadequate to some people!    As I advocate here , we all must do what we need to do for our own bodies, for where we are at in the moment, and not be so stubborn as to not re-evaluate our choices from time to time.  And above all, don't judge others, and realize that no two people are alike so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.  I am tolerant of everyone's path and wish others could extend me that courtesy even if they know it's not what they would choose.

As I have posted about Here , I don't blog for the Food or the Recipes anymore.  The novelty of that wore off a long time ago!  I blog to establish connections with other like-minded people or others who can appreciate my life path and I can appreciate theirs.  That's the beauty of the 'sphere to me.  Bringing people together.  Yes, the recipes are a part of it, but Real Life!!! is so much more interesting to me than salads, bowls of oatmeal, jars of nut butter, or green smoothies.

I also asked in This Post about why you Read my Blog or anyone's blog because I had mentioned it gets a bit boring for me to post only about food & recipes, and I'd like to post about more about my Life, too. Thankfully the majority of you told me you don't solely read my blog for the food.  Whew!  What a relief, because there's only so many way I can make Rabbit Food Raw Plants look "new and exciting"!

You All told me If You've Gotten Negative Comments or Not

If You've Ever left another blogger a Negative Comment ?

And You all Showed me a Huge Outpouring of Support, Love, Encouraging Words, and Appreciation for me and my Blog.  Thank you to everyone who commented !   

I think this was my second highest commented-on post , with the highest being my How to Get Abs FAQ's and Tough Love Post

Thank You to Everyone Who Was there Supporting me with the Negative Comment Situation , You're All Awesome!!!!

Dietary Patterns: Groove or Rut?   
I am a high raw vegan.  This works for me.  That means I eat plants, and a lot of them.  I will not post every head of cauliflower I eat or every stalk of broccoli.  My blog is not a food journal or diary.  Never was and never will be.  And I realize that some of the foods I post probably look repetitive.  But this is my Groove and I am Happy and Thriving this way!   Not a Rut!  Why fix something that ain't broken? 

When you find what works for you, it may seem repetitive to others and that's ok!  But I realize it doesn't always make for good "blog content". 

You told me in the Comments If You Eat the Same Things Most Days , or Not

We talked about if there is pressure as a blogger to come up with recipe and food "masterpieces" solely to make for " good blog content ".  Loved what you all said !
Speaking of Repetitive Green Food: Raw Kale, Tomatoes, Cukes 
 Dressed with  Vegan Slaw Horseradish Relish Dressing
I like it.  And I eat it a lot.

Dessert is a Continuation on the Toffee Theme : Vegan Cinnamon Toast Toffee with Almonds
The Toffee is From Chocolate Inspirations that I reviewed in This Post

I was Mentioned as One of the Top 50 Blogs for Raw Food Recipes and Inspiration !  Many of my friends and those I admire and respect are also on this list , so I feel privileged to be in such good company!

Hurtful Comments Follow-Up
I posted my Take Home Messages :  There were 8 points, Here are the first 4 Points
1. I have the best readers, and thereby Friends, ever!

2. I was never going to stop blogging, and certainly am not now!  I could tell that many of you were a little choked up that this could, that would be giving in to the negative nancy's of the world.

3. It wasn't just yesterday's comment that riled me up.  It's the one a week or so, every week, I get that's just uncalled for.  Many of you who blog say you've never had a negative comment.  Count your blessings!  I started getting them almost immediately in my blogging journey, probably because as I mentioned yesterday, I put my heart and soul on my blog .  I open part of my life up for others to view, watch, and sometimes, judge harshly.

Rather than auto-hitting delete and not making mention of these comments, I want to set the record straight and stand up against bullies and mean commenters: My blog is not a place where you can come and do that!  I am standing up against hurtful words for all the other bloggers who don't or who take a more passive approach.  I am standing up for all the readers and people who encounter rude words from ignorant or inconsiderate people in your daily lifeStand up to these bullies!  I hope by me standing up for what I believe empowers you to do the same, in whatever capacity that is applicable in your life.

4. I have posted before that I am not here to "Save" The World .  My choices are my choices, like 'em or not, they are what they are.  And I am not changing them.   I have also posted here what to say to negative people or those who disagree with your choices.  I probably need to go re-read  my own post..ha!

Click Here for the next Four Points of my Take Home Message....

What I Buy At the Grocery Store and How I Shop :  
Perimeter or Interior Aisles? 
Fresh Produce takes up the whole "floor" of my cart.  It Comprises about 80% of what I purchase. I buy whatever is up front, on display towards the front of the store, because that usually means it's cheap, a good value, and fresh.   This is typical of what I buy:
I am not a purist when it comes to buying organic , and I've posted here About Why I Don't Buy Organic Most of the Time.  

I posted about the Dirty Dozen in This Post

The other 20% of the items I purchase that are not fresh produce are things like Nooch
 See This Post for Everything you'd ever want to know about it including A Dozen Recipes Using Nooch

And I'd recommend buying all your Non-Perishables from a place like
If you use this code: AVE630 
You'll save $5 off your order. is already about 30% cheaper than Whole Foods or Health Food Stores, so I highly recommend it for supplements, non-perishable dry goods, and health and beauty products galore.

Also see This Post about Bulk Spice Buying OnlineSo much cheaper!
I filled 7 Jars for the price of 1 and I saved $30 Bucks by Ordering in Bulk Online
Bulk Online Purchases are Not to be Confused with Bulk Bins and the Creepy Hazards For Me Associated with the Bins. 

Skylar was taste-testing a bit while I was browsing...
...But Who Else Is Taste Testing and Where Have Their Hands Been?  

And the Tongs or Scooper (underneath the white sticker on the lower left hand corner of the photo) gets touched and then put back or just laid directly on the food.   Ewwwww!!!
Care for a side of Moths or Mold with your Bulk Bin Finds?

Nothing's perfect, but there is a greater chance in my mind and logic for things to be icky in the bulk bins than in pre-packaged, factory-sealed goods.  My opinion only, read here for more.

Other dry goods I purchase include: Oats (see my entire post on Oats and Oats Recipes including Info why I don't buy certified GF Oats), 

Coffee:  Smores Coffee makes it's way into my cart...
  Smores Coffee OMG tooo good! 

If you missed my post on a Well-Stocked Raw Vegan Pantry , including non-perishables that will enable you to make any and all of my Vegan Desserts, Click Here for That List
This is a great list if I do say so myself, check it out if you missed it! 

My Pantry List reminds me of my List for What Makes Up or Comprises a Great Recipe in My Eyes.   Recipes have to be Easy, Affordable, Fast...well, go read This Post Here for my thoughts on that.  The list is in the middle of the post.

Green Food was based on This Recipe:
Raw Zucchini Noodles with Tossed Veggies and Homemade Peanut Sauce

Raw Spiralized Zuke Noodles
For spiralizer info and what I have, where to buy it (the best $29.99 you'll ever spend!) check out This Post

Add Vegan Soy-Free Peanut Sauce I made Here

Diced & added other veggies: cukes, red peppers, tomatoes, carrots, sugar snap peas, asparagus..use whatever you have in your veggie drawer.
And voila, an awesome Raw Vegan 15 minute Dinner! 
For Original Recipe for the Peanut Noodle dish, Click Here

Dessert was Keeping the Peanut Theme Going after I slurped up my Peanut Sauce because everything just tastes better with Peanut Sauce, right!

Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn with Nooch!
  Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Popcorn is so good!  I mean melted warm nut butter, who could complain?
 The combo of chocolate + peanut butter + nooch = Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups !

Random Acts of Kindness
Why are we becoming so impolite as a society?  Where are the random acts of kindness?    Do you think society is less polite than it used to be?  Have you done any RAoK's lately?  What was it? 

Do You Hold Grudges or Let It Go?
If you have an argument of a fight with a friend, loved one, or even a casual acquaintance, how easy is it for you to move on and let it go?  Is it easy for you to move on or do you tend to carry things with you, even perhaps hold grudges a bit, even if you try to tell yourself you're not holding a grudge, you kind of are?
I do not hold grudges, and I move on extremely quickly from tiffs and arguments.  I hate stewing, I don't like things to linger or fester.  I like to say my bit, clear the air, and move on!  No sense beating a dead horse!  That's one thing I will toot my horn about is that people (past boyfriends, Scott, my female friends) they are always surprised by how quickly I "get over" something.  I hate wasting time and energy feeling upset or blue so I say what I want to say, get it out in the open, discuss it, and move on without looking back and dwelling on it!
How about you?  Thanks for chiming in, I got really good responses here !

My 2 Pounds of Chia Seeds Give Away !

Yoga Today is Skylar's Downward Dog

Gym & Weights Workout Today: My Day 2 Workout Split: Back/Abs
And I am also trying to make my butt bigger and become more Bubble Booty than Flat ButtMost ladies don't want a bigger butt, I have always suffered from a serious case of Flat Butt.  I am not trying to make my thighs, quads, hamstrings, or back bigger per se, and it seems that the majority of exercises for the glutes also get other muscle groups involved.  I realize it's not completely possible to "spot train" an area, but I am trying! 

I have no idea what the technical names are for the exercises I'm doing, my trainer showed me a few things...but basically hooking my legs up, one at a time, to a cable pull-down system and pulling weight down, placing a dumbbell behind my knee while on all fours and lifting up and down, and a few other exercises.
If I'm not careful, my glutes are gonna get so big that I'll look like this ....haha!  And I love his red panties!
If anyone knows of exercises for the glutes that you see results with, while trying to keep hamstrings and quads out of it, i.e. no squats or lunges, let me know!

Tip of the Day:  My 2 Pounds of Chia Seeds Give Away !
Have fun everyone!  Thanks Chia Seeds Direct!!!!

Click Here to Enter and Get in On Some Cha-Cha-Chia! 

1.  Best thing you've Ate or Done This Weekend So Far?
Me = Work out my glutes.  I can almost feel my bubble butt forming.  haha!  No, best thing is going to be the party I am going to tonight in my hot and sassy new dress!  Pictures to follow in the next post/

2.  Any fun plans or activities?  
Me = Going out on a Saturday night tonight, yay!  So far, nothing special for Mother's Day lined up yet.

3. Are you celebrating Mother's Day with your Mom?  Did you purchase a gift for her?  If so, what was it?  I love to hear gift ideas and suggestions so I can file them away as needed for my loved ones that I need to buy things for!

4.  Do you like to Shop?  Does it matter if it's things for the kitchen, house & home, healthy & beauty products, or clothing?   What's the most money you've spent on an article of clothing?
I do like to shop and when I was in my early and mid-20s, I was a professional.   There was not an inch of Southern California malls or shopping plazas that I was not intimately familiar with.  I have to say, it was great fun!  But those days are over.  Most of the time, I don't miss shopping or buying nice things for myself, and sometimes I even walk into stores with money to burn and think, ok, I am going to shop and spend money.  But I walk out empty-handed feeling like I have no where to wear it.  Or feel like I may feel guilty if I spend money, so I don't.   But not yesterday!  I scored two dresses!  Are you a shopper or not?  And if not, why?

5. What's the biggest purchase you've ever made?   
I will say my home but I don't consider this as a real "purchase".  When you have a mortgage and have 30 years to pay it, it's not like it's "mine".  Things like my jewelry, artwork, and my Vita-Mix are much more tangible so I would say those instead.  

6. I also used to spend a small fortune on going out, food, restaurant, entertainment, drinking, wine, liquor...basically, my motto was Party, Have Fun, Make Money, Spend It, Repeat!  And it was great, back then.  My new motto is: Have Fun, Eat Clean, Lift, Rest, Repeat. Do you Have Any Mottos? 

Lotsa questions, I know!  I am feeling chatty and super happy!  Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!!!!!  Be safe, and Happy Mother's Day to All the Mamas! 

Stay Tuned For What I was Up to Over the Weekend & Pictures of Course...
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