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High Nutrient Shopping List Tool

Posted Feb 08 2010 12:00am

Those of you making an honest attempt to increase plant-based foods in your daily eating, have likely encountered the frustration of shopping. With new products increasing daily in gargantuous-sized stores, it can be exhausting to simply locate ingredients, let alone deal with a potty-training child, transporting food to your kitchen, and assembling it into an edible meal.

In an attempt to ease this process, I have created a Shopping List Tool .

The list begins with common produce and identifies which fruits and vegetables are part of the Dirty Dozen or Clean 15. Simply put, this aids in prioritizing which foods to buy organic if your budget allows. Foods least susceptible to pesticides and safest to eat without being grown organically are also included.  There are 2 printable shopping guides: 1) The list of Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Produce 2) Non Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Shopping Guide.

Next, I list common items necessary for recipes (especially those on the website) with the most frequently used first. I designate two staple foods per category (in red italics) to add to a shopping list. Categories include: Whole grains, Flours/Pastas, Soy and other non-dairy products, Nut butters, Legumes, Nuts and seeds, Dried fruits, Sweeteners, and Oils.

Specialty ingredients are shown next with descriptions and suggestions on where to locate items and in what type of store. If there is no designated location, then the item is most likely available in a typical grocery store. Topics include: Herbs and spices, Specialty items, Baking, Condiments, and Bread Products.

The page concludes with general shopping tips to aid in overall good decision making.

This should help you to determine how to spend precious time most effectively on groceries, so you arrive at your kitchen with some creative energy still in tact.

Happy shopping!

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