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Hi, i have two painless lumps, or swellings on both sides of the throat.

Posted by Cindy Luk

Its almost like a fatty deposit, iv had a scan with a x-ray and nothing showed up, should i still be worried? The doctor described it its soft tissue. its really more of a reassurence thing, is it something to do with the lympth node glands? thanks! Cindy (age 49)
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Hi Cindy,

The important thing is that you are seeing a doctor about and getting testing.  Continue to keep your doctor updated about it and whether you notice any changes as it's vital to treat it right away when necessary.  I'd also suggest getting a second opinion to confirm your doctor's diagnosis and test results.

It also wouldn't hurt to do some internal cleansing for your lymphatic system and overall health.   I use the Young Living Essential Oils company 5-day nutritive cleanse then use the Core Essentials for daily care.  Years ago I was treated for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and now I do daily meditation and Reiki, taking only supplements and periodic cleansing.

Take notice also of your mental and emotional health and whether you have any current or ongoing stress that may be affecting you negatively.  If so, it helps to take steps to acknowledge it and meditate and journal about it.  Feel free to checkout my website,

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