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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s Off to Hike I Go!

Posted Jul 20 2012 10:13pm

Well the time has finally arrived! After months of planning, changing, packing and scheming, my girlfriends and I are off for a weekend adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail! I am sad to leave you for the weekend, but trust that you will be outside playing rather than stuck inside reading blogs.

I dyed my hair yesterday and I am pretty sure that I make pink look good.

Don’t mock, you’re just jealous!

A client sent me this amazing story and I just have to share it because this woman is so incredible. She seriously is the most intentional, caring, thoughtful, challenging and amazing woman. I love her to bits and have been so inspired by her amazing story.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I was a 45 year old mother of 3, the youngest being a 15 year-old daughter in the home. My first surgery my thyroid gland was removed which puts the body’s overall health and energy on very shaky ground until the right dosage is found (a healthy dosage is different for each person).  A second surgery was needed (a neck dissection) that messed up my neck muscles.  For treatment and scanning, they had me drop my thyroid levels twice to literally “off the charts” low. 

 Needless to say by the time Kim came on the scene, I was a physical mess. 

·         I had put on weight due to prolonged, high stress and low thyroid levels.

·         I had lost a LOT of muscle tone due to 18 months of recovery fatigue.

·         The strain of my fight with cancer had knotted up my back in crazy, painful ways.

·         My shoulders were hunched forward and pulled up significantly due to trauma and protecting my surgery site.

 Last March I knew I needed a trainer to get back in shape.  Badly.  But I was worried.  I did not need a Jillian Michaels to yell at me, scream at me and push me to tears. I needed someone to gently move me from sick and out of shape to health, fat loss and strength. 

 Enter Kim.

 She was truly skilled.  Amazing.  Now I know that Kim has a “kick butt”, driven side to her.   She can push her clients like crazy.  She certainly challenged me. But Kim is also gifted enough to know that I needed to go slow.  Gently and carefully.   She slowly got my eating patterns corrected. (This was where I cried the most!  AND where I am now most committed to long-term lifestyle change!) But she was patient and reasonable.  Slowly, with Kim’s help, my upper back, shoulders and neck became WAY more functional and flexible. I have gained so much muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion. My body feels less like a 75 year old woman and more like the body I had in my 30s.

 I have been with Kim 5 months.  In 2 weeks, I go to Southern Oregon for my 30th high school class reunion.  To a picnic, I am wearing a pair of cute white shorts that I haven’t been able to fit into for 3 summers.  I am going with a vastly improved posture.  I am going with a lot less tummy fat…smaller hips, thighs and arms.   I am going with muscle tone in my arms and legs.  I am habitually eating healthier than I ever have.  I am carrying myself with grace, strength and easy movement.

 Thank you, Kim for helping me do what I could have NEVER done on my own… and could NEVER have done in this short of time.  

Thank you so much Connie for this inspiring story!!

Do you have a story of how your health journey? Please share!!

Whole30 Day 8:

Bfast @ 7- banana w/ sunflower seed butter

Lunch @ 12- small salad w/ diced apples, sunflower seeds, 2 oz steak and sauteed peppers

Snack @ 3- 1 hardboiled egg, 1 egg white, turkey

Dinner @ 7- Chipotle Bowl (salad, veggies, chicken, pico, guac)

Fri-Sun (Days 9-11) will be what I packed for the trip , so I will not be logging!

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