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hi has period last monday and it dark then bright ans no sign bleedin since all the times monday?

Posted by irishcarol

does anyone got pregancy that first day period one day has bright bleeding and it stop since last monday,am chance pregancy my period last 4 weeks ago?
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I hate to be critical but I had a hard time getting past your grammar to understand your question, so I hope I got it right.

If you have sexual relations, you can get pregnant regardless of the form of contraception that you choose and regardless of the time of month.  

Even "permanent" techniques such as tubal ligation have a low but real rate of failure.  Condoms certainly aren't a guarantee against pregnancy, but at least they offer some protection not only against pregnancy but also from transmission of sexual diseases.  

Oral contraceptives work, to a large extent, but are dependent upon the user taking the regularly & consistently.  Injectable & implantable hormonal contraception takes user adherence out of the picture only as long as you show up regularly as required (longer period btwn visits w/implants).  

As noted earlier, even timing of the month isn't a guarantee of a "safe" time.  And the color of your flow has nothing to due with whether you're pregnant or not.  

So if you're worried about pregnancy and it's been 4 weeks since your last menses, test yourself.  The kits that you can purchase at a drug store rival the ones used in medical offices for accuracy a month after your last period.  

And if there's still any concern or worry, you can always ask for a blood test which is the be all and end all.  For most situations, blood testing to confirm pregnancy is overkill.  Simple urine test 4 weeks after your last period should suffice.  

Hope I answered your question.  Good luck!

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