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Here's some Haiku for you!

Posted Nov 06 2012 8:40pm
My exciting Mezamashii Canada giveaway for one of two free pairs of Mizuno running shoes is coming to a close tonight.  This contest is open to Canadian residents only and so far I've received so many entries, thank you for your interest and for telling all your friends about it too!  If you haven't entered, you'd better do it soon and if you haven't entered because you don't have a Twitter account please let me know via comment below.

Now, onto the Haiku!

Mezamashii is a Japanese word that means #brilliant, as in a brilliant run, and in that same spirit one of the ways you could gain an entry to the giveaway is to write me a haiku!  (For those who aren't familiar, "haiku" is a Japanese style of poem that has 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each).  I've been spending some time going through them and wanted to share them all with you.  You guys are one talented running bunch!

You wrote haiku about running in the rain and the snow...

Crisp air across cheeks

Crunch of ice beneath my feet Soar across the snow
Running in the rain
Cold and soaked to the bone Run Vancouver run
Rain rain go away
come again some other grey day perhaps in August.
Kristen likes to run.
Even when it is Snowy. Please no winter yet.
Waking up to rain,
Sliding out of bed resigned, In the end, revived.

The white snow falls down
My footprints quickly erased As I run freely

Running in the rain, 
Droplets impair my eyesight, But my goal is clear
Haiku about running itself...
Running cures the soul
Motivate and inspire
Run Runcouver Run

Feet stomp down the street
Aching legs, chest, feet and brain
Damn you aging...damn you

Hold your head up high
The run isn't over yet
So keep running

There were haiku about shoes and Mizuno...

It's raining outside
If I'm going to keep running
I will need new shoes!

Bright striped Elixers
Feet flying lighter than air
Minutes off my time

Feel free like the wind
So I run in my Mizuno's
One foot at a time

My Mizuno shoes
And of course my favourite tunes
Help me escape days

Sliding shoes on feet
Pitter patter steps on leaves
Shoes like sponges, squish!

And haiku about goals and starting new...

Half marathon, my
First coming up on Feb tenth
Can't be that bad, eh?

Runcouver loving
Embarking on new journey
Passion is fuel

A huge goal today
Starting a running lifestyle
One healthier me

Haiku about our running buddies and groups...

I am not alone
In tens and hundreds we run
Love running clinics

Test: Be there soon-late!
Exertion, conversation
Body and mind, fed
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