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Here I Go

Posted Feb 25 2010 12:00am
A little over a year ago I began a serious attempt to lose weight. I hired a personal trainer for early morning workouts twice a week. I ran several 5ks and even an all female 10k in Central Park. I watched what I ate. I switched my usual daily IV of diet soda for water. I avoided trans fats and high fructose corn syrup and started to look for organic food (when I could afford it).  It was a slow process, but in three months I had lost about 12 pounds. I dropped my trainer and lost another 10 pounds in two months.

Losing 20 pounds was my goal. I can’t explain the thrill of being able to wear a size 10 or an 8 after years of being size 14. At 27 I’ve lost weight and gained it back at least twice over the last 10 years. This time it has been different. I went from a girl who was embarrassed to show her face in the gym to one that looks forward to her evening workout routine. Most importantly I’ve managed to maintain my weight since May 2009 and even lose a little more. While it is a has been a journey that still hasn't ended.

Along the way fitness and improving my health not only became a way of life, but a sort of hobby. I'd rather read the latest issues of Women's Health or Shape than Vogue or Cosmo. I can't live without my favorite exercise DVDs and I can't walk out of Target without new workout clothes.

What is a girl to do? Easy. Blog about it.

So here I go. Occasionally I'll wander off the path to talk about the things I love to prattle on about … a little celebrity gossip, my favorite TV shows, fashion, football and Tim Tebow.

So here’s to a lifetime of fitness and whatever hijinks come along the way. But be forewarned...grammar was never a strong point.
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