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Helpful Instructions For Getting Rid Of And Removing Facial Acne Scars

Posted Apr 09 2009 5:46pm

One of the frustrating ramifications of acne is the resulting scarring that can occur. This is particularly the case where you have cystic acne as I did.

Once the acne is skin is still uneven and impressions under the makeup are still visible.

After my acne was cleared I became determined to get the scars removed. This is an expensive undertaking if you go the medical routes of laser surgery, dermabraision treatments, or the oxalate crystals treatments.


None of these alternatives are guaranteed and can cause even more skin damage. My choice was to look at the acid peels and they too were quite pricey and could have complications.

However, I did find a company that carries an extremely effective product called “ Skin Peel 4000.” It was reasonable in price and they had 4 levels of peels, depending on how deep you needed to have your skin peeled.

No harsh chemicals and no complications. i was surprised with their level of service as well. I did the peel and my scarring was dramatically reduced by at least 90%.

I get compliments on my skin – something I could only dream about in the past. I tried the peels and to my amazement they worked extremely well.

A few of you may have very resistant acne. If you have completed the apple fast according to instructions and still have a lot of sores, you will want to continue with the alternative methods because the apple fast did work.

You may need to do the apple fast again a couple of times over a 3-month period. Each time you will be removing more of what is causing your problems.

Once you have completely detoxed your body, your skin will follow. Or if just don’t think you can do the apple fast you will need to do an alternative method.

For you it may take longer for the acne to “ clear” . Those methods work well over time.

Everyone is different and the results occur in different amounts of time.

All should give you results in the 90 days period though. You can always contact me for additional advice and help – again, one of the great things about having direct access to me online.

Sometimes even after the fast is over you may feel your acne got a little “worse” but DO NOT get discouraged. This is a GREAT sign because now you are seeing for yourself that your Acne is reactive to what you are doing. You must stay the course!

Your acne is very likely caused by Candida Alibicans – or yeast. This is the same yeast that causes yeast infections in women, and thrush (the white coating on your tongue when your taking antibiotics).

I have spent a lot of time helping folks with this problem. You are going to have to eliminate sugar from your diet for a while – period. so to get more tips and to reduce acne scars follow the links and here some more useful amazing tips in this acne blog.

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