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Helpful Info On Asthma Treatment

Posted Apr 06 2009 7:16pm

The true cause of asthma is mysterious. Asthma attack though is known to be evoked by environmental factors like weather, dust and other irritants.

Asthma does not manifest itself all the time. Although it can be a chronic disorder in some folks, it can be managed if proper care is given to it. It does not manifest unless it is brought on.

Indian goose berry is said to be used to give first aid to a patient under asthma attack. Just 5 spoons of this berry, when mixed with honey can form a prophylactic if taken every morning. host of individuals say they have benefited tremendously from this. You might too if you give it a trial. But of course, talk to your health worker first before using this or any other natural asthma treatments.

Having an asthmatic attack is not fun at all, but it can be survived if you know what to do. When you are having an asthmatic attack without immediate assistance, the best thing to do is remain calm and try breathing heavily through your nose. This will help calm the nerves of the lungs and prune the swelling in the respiratory tract.

Although not medically proven, the Ayurveda believe says that the form of food you eat at night has a lasting effect on your susceptibility to asthma attack the next day. Following this believe, it will be befitting that an asthmatic person evade fatty food, fries and animal product after the sunset as it may lead to an attack the next day.

Since the effect of a specific type of food is unique to a precise person and the person’s situation, knowing which food aggravates your asthma requires the use of some techniques. A technique you can use is keeping a diary of the food you eat and a diary of your asthma attacks. Comparing these will show you how you react to the different type of food you eat. Show this to your medical examiner and he/she will be in a better position to advice you. It is very indispensable to take the instruction of your medical expert seriously.

Asthma specialist physicians identify asthma through investigation of the skin, eye, throat, chest, nose and ear. Eczema on the skin, inflammations on the eye or ear, swellings in the nose etc, all signify a form of allergy or the other. Although this is not a manner of confirming asthma, it confirms allergy which is a major sign of asthma.

Fighting asthma naturally includes a diet adjustment. A good asthma diet includes fresh raw fruits and vegetable salad. Make sure the salad includes a whole avocado and a half cup of seed. You can dress the salad with vegetable oil mixed with lemon juice or MSG free soy sauce.

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