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Help please

Posted by Swayze

I had sex with my boyfriend of 3 years while I was on my period. We did not use protection. About a week and a half later I started feeling sick to my stomach and certain smells would make me want to vomit and that lasted for about 4 or 5 days. The next day after my stomach started feeling somewhat better I started spotting and it was like a orange color and that lasted for 2 or 3 days. Now I have brownish color grainy discharge. I've been looking up all my symptoms online and everything I'm finding is just confusing me more because I don't know if I'm pregnant or if I'm just about to start my period again. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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You're absolutely correct.  You might be pregnant or it just might be your next period.  Easiest way to determine if you're pregnant or not is to get a urine pregnancy test at your local pharmacy.  They're relatively inexpensive, very accurate, and easy to use.  

And next time, make sure he wears a condom.  In fact, he should wear one each & every time you have sex, to minimize transmission of sexually transmitted infections, regardless of how long you've been together.

Also, you should have another form of contraception, whether pills, patches or shots.  If you've had enough kids, consider tying your tubes.  Sponge or diaphragm is another option.  But unless the two of you want kids, you shouldn't have sex w/o protection.  Good luck! 

PS  Having sex during your period or while breast feeding post-partum doesn't prevent (another) pregnancy.  Neither does withdrawing before ejaculation.   

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