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Help Others this Halloween

Posted Oct 05 2012 1:54pm

Whether you are a horror movie lover or just a huge Halloween fan, take your love for all things macabre and help those in need this Halloween.

Scares That Care

“Scares That Care!” is a nonprofit organization began by horror film director,  Joe Ripple , that provides money, toys and other items to help sick children, their two sister programs consist of  “Scares For Pairs ,” helping women fighting breast cancer; and the “ I Helped Kane” program , started along with horror icon,  Kane Hodder  ,which provides assistance to children who have suffered serious burn injuries.

Scares that Care is a volunteer organization so 100% of your donation goes to those who need it. Even if you do not have money to donate, Scares that Care is always looking for horror memorabilia, spare props, or anything from the horror genre to auction of at the “Silent Bazaar”  auctions.

To date, Scares that Care has raised and donated $10,000 to the John Hopkins Children’s Cancer Center , $10,000 to the Kennedy-Krieger Institute , $10,000 to the “ Make-A-Wish” Foundation , and $2,500 to the Troia Family as an emergency donation for assistance.


The three families Scares that Care have committed to support in 2012, consist of  Draven , who has Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome and needs a heart transplant, Maddie is fighting breast cancer, and Tripp and his father were burned over seventy percent of their bodies, with the father recently passing away.

“If someone makes a donation earmarked for one of our specific families, we will make sure that donation is tallied for that family. If we get a general donation, we will split the donation three ways,” Joe Ripple stated in an interview earlier this year.

Make your holiday fun mean a little more this year!

Ideas for doing more with your Halloween

Have your guests dress as their favorite movie stars (classic or modern)… but dead or injured or murderous. Plan it like a movie screening… but with blood and gore.  Screen one of  Joe’s films , sell “tickets” with all proceeds going to Scares that Care! Hand out creepy awards for best dressed at the end of the party.

Everyone loves a costume party, so why not have one for a good cause? A Halloween Ball is an easy sell to the community, regardless of whether it’s family oriented or for adults. There are a number of ways to raise funds with a Halloween Ball. The easiest way is to charge an admission fee, but you can always be creative with this — admission can be free with a costume to generate publicity and get more people in the door. A donation table is a must at any party, regardless of theme, but other things that can raise funds include raffles, a costume contest, and various games and booths (tickets to join in are an easy sell). Don’t forget the scary music!

For kids, Halloween’s exciting because they get to go trick-or-treating. You can use this same spirit with a trick-or-funding team. During daytime hours (don’t interfere with the kiddies’ fun at night!), get coworkers or friends to dress up in a costume  and go door to door. When the door opens, say, “Trick-or-fund!” and offer a brief explanation of what your raising money for and how funds are used.  You’ll be surprised at how lively people will be in giving donations, especially if the costumes are good!

Give the community a scare with a haunted house fundraiser! Unlike Halloween parties or balls, a haunted house can run for a few days or even a few weeks, and it’s a lot of fun! Find a venue — perhaps even your  office — and get decorations at party stores and drug stores, dress up staff and volunteers, and pump up the scary music and sounds. Oh, and don’t forget to charge admission and have a donation table to collect funds!

Ask a local farmer if s/he will donate space and a tractor. Set up spooky displays for your guests to ride through and you’ve got a haunted hay ride. These are really great for schools and communities, and kids love them.

Get a big, clear jar and fill it with lots of tiny candies — candy corn works best. Then, put it on display and charge people $1 for every guess they make. The person who gets closest to the number of candies in the jar win a prize… and the candy too! This works well in schools too, because kids only need to make small donations to participate.

It’s a seasonal favorite that can lead to fundraising success. Set this one up at a party or other event, then charge participants a small amount to compete. They win the apple (of course!), plus you can write numbers on the apples that correspond to secret prizes. Make sure the prizes are spooky: For example, give plastic spiders for most prizes but one number wins a box set of scary movies.

Find  Scares that Care on Facebook  (Their Facebook page is also where you can find the Silent Bazaar auctions.)

Do you have questions about “Scares That Care!”?  Contact Scares that Care

Check, Money Order or Prop/Memorabilia can be sent to:

“Scares That Care!”
18530 Falls Road
Hampstead, Maryland

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