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Help! Advice Needed!

Posted Nov 07 2012 4:49pm
If you are a running coach, a marathoner, a doctor, an ultra-marathoner, a wannabe running coach, an olympian, an avid runner or heck, just someone who thinks they know a lot about running - I NEED YOUR HELP!

My Goofy Challenge training has been going awesome but thanks to an unfortunate incident last Sunday where I wasn't paying attention and plowed right into a metal pole, I have been forced to take an unscheduled week of rest!  And now I'm not sure what to do with my schedule to get back on track....

I have pasted a few weeks from my training schedule below

  • The pole incident occurred in Week 9 of my schedule, exactly halfway through my training
  • Until now I have completed every scheduled run without any major problems
  • The last long runs I completed were the Saturday and Sunday of Week 8, 12km and 23km
  • Because of the pole incident I missed the 26km long run and about 10-14km of shorter weekday runs.  36-40km altogether.
  • I am feeling much better and am planning to run Saturday and Sunday this week
  • This coming weekend (Week 10) was supposed to be a "recovery" weekend where our long Sat and Sun runs dropped back a bit in distance before increasing in Week 11 to a longest-yet distance of 29km
Now this is where YOU come in...what do you think I should do now?
  1. Carry on with the schedule as originally planned, run the recovery distances this weekend and then do the 29km coming up next weekend and not worry that I missed the 26km in between
  2. Forfeit the "recovery" distances this week (Week 10) and increase the distance to bridge the jump between 23km and 29km
  3. Am I in trouble having missed the 26km run and this week's short runs?
  4. Do I need to find a way to make up this lost distance?
  5. Is increasing from 23km to 29km (with a 19km rest week in between) going to be too much?
Any and all advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  I can accept that I've had to miss some distance in order to heal from this little bump in the road (and in my forehead) but I'm worried that the progression of my long runs is all thrown off now.

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