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Helenaounxoxo Work of Art

Posted Jan 24 2012 12:30pm
Now its time for Art Lovers!

Last weekend a little bit bigger round of people found out that Im into Arts! Yeah, on my appearance on Tv3 News they was not just showing my house in Estonia , but also showed a little bit of my paintings. I always have been really Artsy and Creative person. When I get bored(what almost never happens) I always draw some sketches. I was studying art also at school from very beginning and there always have been something what  is so fascinating about this world to me. But after I finished my school I didnt have that time and reasons any more to paint or draw. So in last few years I havent moved forward in Art world very much. I never can do any paintings when somebody tells me to do it. I need to get my Inspiration Flow and then Im ready to get married with Canvas and Brushes. But I usually get really Inspired while Im traveling(all new Cultures, People, Citys etc) and its hard to get crazy with Art while Im traveling for other reasons and dont have that time to let myself free for painting. And always when Im at home in Estonia then I have tons of other things to do or I dont have Inspiration for that.

While I was in school I was pretty sure that I will go and study art in university. Yeah Art is a big word to say, because my mind always changed. When I was younger I wanted to be a Fashion designer, from there I wanted to be Graphic designer, then back to Fine Arts, then to Architect… it was never ending journey in my head what I wanted to study. Now few years later, after I have finished my school, my life priorities have went totally another way. But Art will always be around Me and in Me. Its something what you cant take out from the girls heart!

So few days ago somebody asked on my Formspring that they would love to see my artworks. So here is a little gallery of some of my Artworks through the years.

I hope you Enjoy it!

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