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Hearty Hearty Soup

Posted Apr 19 2010 6:58am


It’s a gorgeous day outside! Actually, it’s supposed to be a beautiful week here!


Yesterday I bought an organic pineapple and sliced it up:
041910 002  

I munched on it for breakfast along with a bowl of Steel Cut Oats drizzled with Andrew’s Whipped Honey
041910 004
Mmmm melted honey….
041910 005
I think I put a bit too much! Whoops ;)
041910 006

Last night I was invited to dinner at JH’s apartment where they were hosting some visitors from Germany! 041910 007
It was DJ Bot (on the right)’s birthday!

Emily (of Chanukah video fame), made a delicious “Hearty Soup”.

I love Hearty Soups – they’re basically a throw everything you got in a pot kinda soup. And somehow they always manage to turn out delicious! My mom actually used to make these kind of soups, but where I first discovered my love of the “hearty soup” was on a month long canoe trip in the wilderness! Yep! I lived in the woods for a month! I used to go to summer camp and every year you spend more and more time off the campsite on a canoe trip in the wilderness until you got to “advanced camp”, which was the month long trip! On the trip, when we were almost out of food for that week, we would just throw everything we had left into a pot and make a “hearty soup”, which I always loved.
Advanced camp was an amazing experience. One day I will tell you all about it – and show you pictures of me portaging a canoe !

Anyway, back to Emily’s hearty soup!
041910 008
It consisted of spinach, carrots, lotsa different beans, rice…. I ‘m sure I’m missing stuff!

  041910 009
Hearty soups are definitely better in colder weather but, they are delicious any time!
I really should make more of them! They are healthy and delicious!

It gets the Just Flourishing seal of approval! ;)
041910 010    
For desset JH whipped up a chocolate birthday cake with vanilla icing, almonds and strawberries!
041910 015
It was really good! Especially the icing! Maybe I can bug her for the recipe for you!
041910 018  
And we all enjoyed some pink birthday bubbly!
041910 019 041910 020

041910 022








Twas a lovely evening!

What would you put in your ideal Hearty Soup?

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