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Heart Rate Monitor – Polar FT4 review!

Posted Jun 03 2010 7:44am

I tested out my new Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor in the gym last night and I’m sooooo impressed with it!  It never gave me a problem, detected my heart rate the entire time I was in the gym and even connected wirelessly to the cardio machines!! 

I went to the gym last night and lifted lower body first.  I was so curious to see which exercises made my heart rate increase the fastest.  The verdict was pretty obvious, squats and lunges used the most energy. 

After working out legs, I ran on the treadmill for a little over a mile.  Here are my stats.  I can’t believe I burned almost 600 calories!!!!  (sorry the first pic is a little dark)

avg heart rate = 139

max heart rate = 183

It was sooooo cool to me to see how many calories I really burn on a trip to the gym!!!

One of the coolest things that I found out WHILE on the treadmill was that my polar heart rate monitor was automatically detected by the treadmill.  The whole time I was running, my heart rate displayed on the treadmill screen (instead of having to hold those gross silver sensors to get it).  This gave a more accurate display of calories burned on the machine.  SOOOO IMPRESSED!!!!  That was just a bonus to my excitement of how awesome this watch worked!  Can’t wait to use it again!

As for eats yesterday, I started with scrambled eggs, cheese and ham from our cafe downstairs at work.  It kept me full until lunch so I was very pleased with that!  For lunch I grabbed some stuff from Meijer to eat because that’s where I was picking up my new heart rate monitor.  I found a lunchables sandwich and a fruit snack pack.  Both were very good!

I also had a bottle of my new favorite drink!!! Peach Tea Diet Snapple!! YUMMMMMY.


For dinner I made some Smart Ones pizza bites.  After the gym I had a protein shake. 


It’s almost Friday too!!! I’ll do my post soon about my SURVIVOR competition I’m doing this weekend!!! I’m getting nervous!!!

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